Helpful tips What is Jamaica ZIP postal code?

What is Jamaica ZIP postal code?

What is Jamaica ZIP postal code?

Jamaica has no postcode system.

What is a zip code on a credit card?

A credit card postal code is the ZIP code associated with a credit card’s billing address. That’s the address you provided on your application, unless you’ve since moved and updated your information. And it’s where you receive your statement every month, if you haven’t gone paperless.

What is the zip code for Virgin Islands?

Charlotte Amalie West is a town in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands on the west side of the island, near Cyril E. King Airport. It is the third largest town in the U.S. Virgin Islands (after Charlotte Amalie and Anna’s Retreat)….Charlotte Amalie West, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Charlotte Amalie West
• Total 5,146
ZIP code 00801, 00802, 00803, 00804
Area code(s) 340

Where is zip code on debit card?

The address which you gave to the bank or credit score union on your account contains the postal code of your card. As an instance, if you acquire mail at any number principal road in any number, and that’s the cope with that the financial institution has for the account, then the cardboard’s zip code is 12345.

What is Guam’s zip code?

List of Zip Codes in Guam

Zip Code Zip Code Type County
96910 Non-Unique Guam
96912 PO Box Guam
96913 Non-Unique Guam
96915 Non-Unique Guam

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Mossberg pump shotguns are the only shotguns purchased by the United States government that meet or exceed Mil-S-3443 specifications.

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