Blog What is Kingdom of Loathing made with?

What is Kingdom of Loathing made with?

What is Kingdom of Loathing made with?

It uses hand-drawn stick figure graphics and writing characterized by surreal humor, word play, parody and references to popular culture. In KoL, a player’s character fights monsters for experience, and acquiring meat (the game’s currency), and/or items, through a turn-based system.

How many players does Kingdom of Loathing have?

According to a recent interview on Reddit with Nite, Kingdom of Loathing—known as KoL—has about 45,000 monthly players.

What is KoL Wiki?

KOL, Key opinion leader, internet celebrity or a influencer, often used in healthcare industry to identify influential healthcare professionals.

Is there a sequel to west of loathing?

Assymetric, the developers of West of Loathing, confirmed that they are working on a sequel -> link.

How do you get more adventures in Kingdom of Loathing?

The general strategy is to drink up to 14, and then when you run out of adventures for the day, drink a high potency drink (e.g. Ye Olde Meade) because more potency generally means more adventures (this is referred to as a nightcap).

Who made Kingdom of loathing?

Zack Johnson
Kingdom of Loathing/Developers

Is KOL same as influencer?

Wikipedia adds fuel to the fire, by defining a key opinion leader (KOL) as being “also known as an “influencer,” is a person or organization who has expert product knowledge and influence in a respective field. They are trusted by relevant interest groups and have significant effects on consumer behavior.”

What does KOL mean in Chinese?

Key Opinion Leader
KOL stands for Key Opinion Leader, which is also known as an “influencer” in the Western countries. Key opinion leaders are a spokesperson, a brand ambassador, or a thought leader.

Is West of Loathing worth it?

The presentation in West of Loathing is phenomenal as already noted, and the simple yet melodic soundtrack enhances the experience even further. I cannot recommend West of Loathing enough. Outside of the over-familiarity with the battles, there’s a deep, funny and compelling story and it’s well worth the money.

What engine does West of Loathing use?


West of Loathing
Engine Unity
Platform(s) Linux, macOS, Windows, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, iOS
Release Linux, macOS, Windows August 10, 2017 Nintendo Switch May 31, 2018 Stadia July 1, 2020 iOS TBA
Genre(s) Role-playing

What time is rollover Kol?

It’s tough work being the computers that run the Kingdom of Loathing. Even computers deserve a break once in a while, so every night, at about 8:30 PM (your time), we have what we like to call nightly maintenance, or as the community calls it, “rollover.”

Is there a fee to play Kingdom of Loathing?

Kingdom of Loathing is advertising-free and does not charge subscription fees. Maintenance and development of the game is supported primarily through donations and players who donate US$10 to the game receive a powerful item known as a Mr. Accessory.

Who is the creator of Kingdom of Loathing?

Kingdom of Loathing. Kingdom of Loathing (abbreviated KoL) is a browser-based multiplayer role-playing game designed and operated by Asymmetric Publications, including creator Zack “Jick” Johnson with a small team.

What do you get when you defeat a monster in Kingdom of Loathing?

Players who successfully defeat a monster receive experience points, pieces of meat (the game’s currency), and various items. Non-combat encounters simply present the reader with a text description of an event, occasionally allowing the player to choose how to respond to that event.

Is there a PvP mode in Kingdom of Loathing?

While Kingdom of Loathing ‘ s player versus environment content is largely single-player, some features allow multiplayer interaction. Player versus player (PvP) combat is voluntary, features a randomized selection of non-interactive minigames, and is subdivided into seasons. The winner of the PvP battle can take fame or items from the loser.