Blog What is postdoc salary?

What is postdoc salary?

What is postdoc salary?

Job openings for Post-doctoral FellowCompanyAverage salaryThe Hospital for Sick Children Post-doctoral Fellow 6 salaries$48,374 per yearNational Research Council Canada Post-doctoral Fellow 12 salaries$93,293 per yearUniversity of Toronto Post-doctoral Fellow 6 salaries$56,286 per year7 •

Is postdoc a student?

Postdoctoral students or “post docs” as they are frequently called are recently graduated Ph. D.’s who wish to acquire additional research experience before beginning their scientific careers in academe or industry.

Do postdocs pay tuition?

Academic/professional development Tuition fees will be charged. Postdocs are entitled to participate in staff development seminars offered by Teaching and Learning Services. They will be accommodated free of charge for courses that are open to faculty members.

What should I do after postdoc?

A postdoc sets you up for a variety of careers, including academia, editing, working in industry, core laboratories and more. The obvious path for many people doing a postdoc is to look for a more permanent academic position as a tenure-track professor.

How much does a postdoc earn in UK?

The salary of postdocs also known as “research associate” or “research fellow” has a range which depends on the seniority and experience of the applicant. In average, the gross salary of a postdoc in the UK is around £31000 per annum. The net salary (take-home money) of a postdoc would be around £25000 per annum.

How much do academics earn UK?

More than a third (36%) of full-time academics earned between £44,240 and £59,4/17. A further fifth (20.3%) earned more than £59,400 (Higher Education Statistics Agency, 2018).