Blog What is redo log file mirroring?

What is redo log file mirroring?

What is redo log file mirroring?

If an online redo log file of a group is lost, the database remains in operation. Oracle then uses the remaining member (or members) of this group to log the database changes. In such a case, you must recover the original mirroring of the online redo log files as quickly as possible.

How do I recreate a redo log?

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Run the following code to check to see what log is currently in use. set lines 180.
  2. Make a note of the current log file group.
  3. Drop and recreate logfile group 1.
  4. Repeat the process for logfile group 2 and 3.
  5. Switch log file group to free up log file group 4.
  6. Drop and recreate logfile group 4.

What is redo log files in SAP?

the archive redo logs are your way back from the restored database to the last transaction of the database. If one archive redo log is missing, you have to stop you recovery there and loose the rest of the transactions done in the database.

What is redo log member?

When a redo log member is dropped from the database, the operating system file is not deleted from disk. Rather, the control files of the associated database are updated to drop the member from the database structure.

What is datafiles control files redo log files?

Each time that a user adds, renames, or drops a datafile or an online redo log file from the database, Oracle updates the control file to reflect this physical structure change. Oracle records these changes so that it can identify: The datafiles and online redo log files that it needs to open during database startup.

What is partial backup?

A partial backup is any operating system backup short of a full backup, taken while the database is open or shut down. The following are all examples of partial database backups: a backup of all datafiles for an individual tablespace.

How do I check standby for redo logs?

How to identify standby redo logs? SQL> select * from v$logfile where type=’STANDBY’; .

Where is Oracle redo log file?

The V$LOGFILE view can be used to find the datafiles for the redo logs. SVRMGR> select * from V$LOGFILE; GROUP# STATUS MEMBER —— —— —————————— 1 /t01/oradata/MYDB/redo.

What is redo log in Hana?

Redo log entries are written to the log volumes for all changes to persistent data. In the event of a database restart, data from the last completed savepoint can be read from the data volumes, and redo log entries written to the log volumes.

What is redo log buffer in Hana?

Redo Log (aka log buffers) To ensure the recovery of the database with zero data loss in case of faults, SAP HANA records each transaction in the form of a so-called redo log entry.