Blog What is search results SnapBack on a Mac?

What is search results SnapBack on a Mac?

What is search results SnapBack on a Mac?

SnapBack, a long-standing and very easily overlooked Safari for Mac feature, can save you a ton of clicks if you search a lot, and most of us do. With SnapBack, you can go right back to the last full search results page, even after traveling multiple pages in from your search results.

What is search results SnapBack?

It lets you travel multiple pages in from a Google search result, and when you hit the end of the line and don’t find what you need, you just use Search Results SnapBack to go right back to the last search results page.

What does SAFARI Montage do?

SAFARI Montage provides K–12 districts with an interoperable Learning Object Repository (LOR) designed for in-person and remote engaged instruction, plus a Video Streaming Library and IPTV & Live Media Streaming.

What movies are on SAFARI Montage?

182 PBS

  • American Experience: Sealab.
  • American Experience: Stonewall Uprising.
  • American Experience: Swamp, The.
  • American Masters: Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People.
  • American Masters: Sammy Davis, Jr.: I’ve Gotta Be Me.
  • Born to Explore: Canada: Spirit Bear.
  • Born to Explore: Canada: Spirit Land.

Is Safari Montage free?

Free and Open Educational Resources.

What does the standards button allow you to do in Safari Montage?

Click the Standards button to access the State Curriculum Standards page. Refer to the Standards section to learn more about this option. Click the My Playlists button to locate any playlists that you’ve created. You can also access Shared Playlists; playlists created by others in your SAFARI Montage network.

When did Safari Montage come out?

Exceptional Video-on-Demand Content Available July 1, 2010.

How do I download a Safari Montage?

Downloading Your Content from SAFARI Montage

  1. On the dashboard, Click on the yellow My Files icon.
  2. If a file has a Download button, click on it to download the file to your computer.
  3. If a file does not have a Download button, click the Edit button.

How do I log into Safari Montage?

Enter in the address of the SAFARI Montage Server. The address may be in the form of a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) or an IP address as outlined by the Network Administrator. 4. Select the school to be accessed, enter the credentials for logging into the school and tap the Log In button.

What are slates in Safari Montage?

Learning Object Repository (LOR) subscribers now have access to Slates — a library of visual cues that can be easily dropped into playlists and are designed to support teachers in communicating lesson directions and managing classroom activities.

Can you download videos from Safari Montage?

Note: Licensed content from SAFARI Montage is not downloadable. You will only be able to download files that you have uploaded to SAFARI Montage, or files uploaded and published by other school district staff that they have made available for download.