Helpful tips What is Stricto sensu meaning?

What is Stricto sensu meaning?

What is Stricto sensu meaning?

In the strict sense
“In the strict sense.”(1) Literally and without exaggeration or approximation. (2) In a technical sense.

What does Sensu Lato mean in taxonomy?

In the broad sense
Definition. adverb. (Science: taxonomy) “In the broad sense” (especially of a taxon, that is including all its subordinate taxa and/or other taxa other times considered as distinct). Supplement.

What is Lato sensu in English?

“In the broad sense.”Speaking or writing approximately, broadly, or generally. Contrast with Stricto sensu. …

What is sensu go?

Sensu Go is operator-focused and developer-friendly and integrates with popular monitoring and observability tools. Deploy Sensu Go for on-premises and public cloud infrastructures, containers, bare metal, or any other environment.

What is prima facie example?

The term prima facie evidence is used in both civil and CRIMINAL LAW. For example, a duly authenticated copy of a defendant’s criminal record may be considered prima facie evidence of the defendant’s prior convictions and may be used against the defendant in court (Colo. Rev.

Why is prima facie important?

Prima facie cases are important for protecting the rights of defendants and checking the actions of police and prosecutors. Without such a system, many defendants might need to expend a lot of effort and money to go to a trial based on flimsy evidence.

What does Abintra mean?

adverb Latin. from inside; from within.

What’s the difference between sensu stricto and sensu lato?

sensu lato. adverb. sensu la·​to | -ˈlāt(ˌ)ō. : in a broad sense —used especially with names of taxa to indicate that the name is used more inclusively than sanctioned by current practice Pyrus sensu lato includes pear, apple, quince, mountain ash and related forms — compare sensu stricto.

What is the difference between seismicity and sensu stricto?

‘Earthquake seismology may be divided into seismicity – the study of earthquake distribution and mechanisms – and seismology sensu stricto – the use of earthquakes to probe the interior structure of the Earth.’

What is the meaning of the word sensu?

In a broad sense; with a broad interpretation. [Latin sēnsū lātō : sēnsū, ablative of sēnsus, sense; see sense + lātō, ablative of lātus, broad, wide .] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

What kind of bug is a sensu lato?

Biology and phylogeny of the Cassidinae Gyllenhal sensu lato (tortoise and leaf-mining beetles) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). Anaplasmataceae and Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato in the sand lizard Lacerta agilis and co-infection of these bacteria in hosted Ixodes ricinus ticks.