Common questions What is the best lure to catch pike with?

What is the best lure to catch pike with?

What is the best lure to catch pike with?

Pike absolutely love spinners of all kinds but the Mepps #5 or the big Blue Fox in silver, silver and blue, or gold work best. These produce well in any situation and work well in quickly casting and working an area. For pike, the smaller size- #5- definitely works better than the larger musky bucktails.

What is the best gear ratio for pike fishing?

For pike fishing, the most versitile gear ratio is a medium speed one. This could be anything around 6.3:1. These are real workhorses that you can use in most situations.

What should I look for when fishing for pike?

Look for drop-offs which are noted holding points for the predators such as pike as they can hold in the deeper water, waiting for prey fish to move in or out of the shallows before they strike. Also, check any kind of structure as these tend to hold pike.

Do pike like spinnerbaits?

Mepps Musky Killer Spinner ($12-14) The Mepps Musky Killer Spinner is one of our top lures for musky fishing and just so happens to be an excellent option for northern pike as well. Of all the northern pike lures on our list, the Mepps Musky Killer is arguably the easiest to fish.

What pound line should I use for pike?

It is important to structure your line with the reel and rod set up you plan to use. For a reel that has at least a maximum of 15 pounds worth of drag, we like to use 15 to 20-pound braided line. While when using a reel with at least a maximum of 25-pound drag, we typically use a 30 to 40-pound braided line.

What is the best line for pike?

Using the right type of line with the right strength is absolutely essential when it comes to pike fishing….Should You Use Braid or Mono for Pike Fishing?

Pike Fishing Method Best Line
Spinning Braid
Trolling Mono
Live Bait Mono
Dead Bait Braid

Why can’t I catch pike on lures?

These are basically a plug but instead of a diving vain, they have a concave front, which resists the water as it’s retrieved, causing disturbance and an erratic movement. Pike find it difficult to resist surface lures when the water is warm and they’re at their most active.

What time of year is best for pike fishing?

The best time of year for pike is fall, as the water temperature is slowly dropping and the pike feed and hunt very actively and aggressivly. More specifically, September and October are, by far, the best months to target pike.

What’s the best weather for pike fishing?

Favorable weather conditions for pike include a low-pressure system with moderate temperatures, overcast skies, and southern or southwestern winds. Rain does however have a somewhat more negative effect on the pike’s appetite and should hence be avoided.