Helpful tips What is the dark half book about?

What is the dark half book about?

What is the dark half book about?

Plot summary Thad Beaumont is an author and recovering alcoholic who lives in the town of Ludlow, Maine. Thad’s own books – cerebral literary fiction – are not very successful. However, under the pen name “George Stark”, he writes highly successful crime novels about a psychopathic killer named Alexis Machine.

What genre is The Dark Half?

Horror fictionThrillerPsychological horror
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Is The Dark Half a series?

The Dark Half is a 1993 American horror film adaptation of Stephen King’s 1989 novel of the same name.

What is wrong with Annie Wilkes?

Both the novel and the film portray her as extremely paranoid, and also suggest that she may have bipolar disorder. In the novel, she has day-long bouts with depression, during which she is seen maiming herself; Sheldon also finds evidence that she gorges herself on vast quantities of food.


Connections. The Dark Half introduces Sheriff Alan Pangborn, who will later reappear in Needful Things – another hugely underrated book – and Bag Of Bones. (And, thanks to Pangborn’s reappearance, we discover the true ending of The Dark Half: that, when Beaumont’s wife leaves him, he ends up killing himself.)

Who is the author of the Dark Half?

For long stretches, The Dark Half seems to be a book written by a man who has read about this fellow Stephen King and is taking a crack at imitating him. Stephen King books are long, so The Dark Half is needlessly long.

Is the dark half by Stephen King a good book?

The Dark Half was my fourth Stephen King Reread in 2019 and it was just as brilliant as I remembered! Equal parts warped, dark and brutal, this story is a must read for any King fan. I won’t get into the connections between this and King’s own life and experience with Richard Bachman.

How many copies of the dark half were sold?

The Dark Half sold 1.56 million copies, enough in one year (from October ’89 to December ’90) to earn it the place as the second-best-selling book of the 1980s. In hardcover and paperback combined it spent 60 weeks on the New York Times bestseller lists.

Who is Thad Beaumont in the Dark Half?

As in Misery, King again fantasizes from his own writerly experience, creating as his hero Maine author Thad Beaumont—who, in addition to literary novels under his own name, has written four grisly best-sellers under the pen name of George Stark.