Helpful tips What is the difference between MC and MM?

What is the difference between MC and MM?

What is the difference between MC and MM?

As MM cartridges have a higher output, they also have a higher impedance of 47,000 Ohms. In contrast, MC cartridges at lower outputs, have a lower impedance at 100 Ohms. For the capacitance, you’ll find MM preamps with up to 100 pF while MC preamps have about 3000 pF.

What is high output MC cartridge?

As a refresher, a high output MC cartridge is meant to act like an MM cartridge as far as your phono stage is concerned. Sonically, it can thus be said that a high output MC is a happy middle ground between a low output MC and an MM.

What is a MC phono cartridge?

“MMC” stands for Moving Micro-Cross, a design principle that integrated all of the cartridge components – coils, magnet, cantilever, and stylus and which became the patented moving-iron principle upon which all B&O cartridges were based. …

How long does a MC cartridge last?

With proper care we find that up to 1000 hours is possible without degradation of performance.

Is a moving coil cartridge worth it?

They are preferred by audiophiles due to their measurable and subjectively better performance, however. The moving coil cartridge produces a low output level which requires an additional stage of gain to play at sufficient volume.

Are project turntables MM or MC?

While the Pro-Ject Phono Box is a phono preamp that can switch between MM and MC. The Rega FONO MC is a preamp that is compatible with MC only.

Are most turntables MM or MC?

In modern turntables, moving magnets (MM) are widely used than other cartridge counterparts because they are inexpensive and quite durable as a sufficient tool for most turntables. The MM focuses on the movement of its magnet that is connected to the stylus cantilever.

What is considered a high compliance cartridge?

A phono cartridge with the compliance in the range of 5 to 10 µm/mN is considered as a very low compliance cartridge, a cartridge with the compliance in the range of 10 to 20 µm/mN is moderate compliance cartridge and a cartridge with the compliance value above 35µm/mN is very high compliance cartridge.

How do I know if I have an MC or MM cartridge?

In a stereo cartridge, two sets of coils and the pins represent the positive and negative poles for each end. With the presence of a magnet, this is how the MM creates a signal. Meanwhile, an MC goes in the opposite direction–the coils of wire move in a sideward motion while the magnet stays as is.

Can a MC cartridge be used with a phono preamplifier?

For use with an MC cartridge, there is usually an extra gain stage in the phono preamplifier. Fortunately MC design has caught up, and ‘high output’ MC cartridges are readily available.

Which is better a mm or a MC?

The sound from an MC is faster and more detailed than a comparable MM. A good MM can sound very sweet and lush but is not worth the extra maintenance for me. For MC, consider Dynavector for the best all-around, especially if rock or electronic music is on the playlist.

How does a mm and MC cart work?

At least some of us can. MM and MC carts are are basically damped springs connected to a magnet that wags around (like a dog’s tail) in a coil (MM) or to a coil that wags around inside a magnet (MC). The damped springs are apt to resonate (oscillate) when excited (by the grooves in a disc).