Blog What is the difference between Wikipedia and Simple English Wikipedia?

What is the difference between Wikipedia and Simple English Wikipedia?

What is the difference between Wikipedia and Simple English Wikipedia?

The Simple English Wikipedia uses fewer words and simpler grammar than the original English Wikipedia. This is likely to make Simple English articles a good way to introduce those written in complex English; if someone has trouble understanding a concept in complex English they can “fall back” to the Simple version.

What is the point of Simple English Wikipedia?

The site has the stated aim of providing an encyclopedia for “people with different needs, such as students, children, adults with learning difficulties, and people who are trying to learn English”.

Who is the Simple English Wikipedia written for?

The Simple English Wikipedia is for everyone! That includes children and adults who are learning English. There are 197,074 articles on the Simple English Wikipedia. All of the pages are free to use.

How do I turn Wikipedia into simple English?

An easy way of switching from the standard English entry to the simplified one is to swap the ‘. en’ prefix to ‘simple’ in the URL. For example, the Quantum Mechanics article is:

Who earns from Wikipedia?

Wikipedia operates on a donation-based revenue model where the organisation gets most of its funds in the form of donations from millions of individuals and corporations around the world.

Who owns Wikipedia now?

Wikimedia Foundation
Wikipedia is a non-commercial website run by the Wikimedia Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in San Francisco. We are supported by donations and grants, and our mission is to bring free knowledge to everyone.

Why Wikipedia is the best?

Wikipedia, having contributors from many areas of the world, provides its readers with a “world view” that could not be provided simply by few contributors from a limited region. This also serves to eliminate cultural bias in articles. To use an extended metaphor, Wikipedia is very fertile soil for knowledge.

What is simple English?

Simple English may refer to: Basic English, a controlled language, created by Charles Kay Ogden , which only contains a small number of words. The language used on Simple English Wikipedia .

What is Wikipedia used for?

Wikipedia is increasingly used by people in the academic community, from freshman students to professors, as an easily accessible tertiary source for information about anything and everything, and as a quick “ready reference”, to get a sense of a concept or idea.

What is a simple language?

Simple Language. The Simple Expression Language was a really simple language when it was created, but has since grown more powerful. It is primarily intended for being a really small and simple language for evaluating Expressions and Predicates without requiring any new dependencies or knowledge of XPath ; so it is ideal for testing in camel-core.

What is Wikipedia article?

Help:Contents. A Wikipedia article is a page that has information suitable to be in an encyclopedia. See Special:Allpages for a list of all Wikipedia articles and Wikipedia:Statistics for information on Wikipedia and its growth.