Other What is the KSP of AgBrO3?

What is the KSP of AgBrO3?

What is the KSP of AgBrO3?

4.0 x 105
Ksp for silver bromate, AgBrO3, is 4.0 x 105.

What is the molar solubility of AgBrO3?

The solubility of AgBrO3 (formula weight = 236 ) is 0.0072 g in 1000 mL .

Is AgBrO3 soluble in water?

Solutions for Chapter DProblem 543PB: Silver bromate, AgBrO3, is slightly soluble in water. A saturated solution is found to contain 0.276 g AgBrO3 dissolved in 150.0 mL of water.

How do you find KSP from solubility?

Set up an ICE problem (Initial, Change, Equilibrium) in order to use the Ksp value to calculate the concentration of each of the ions. The concentration of the ions leads to the molar solubility of the compound. Use the molar mass to convert from molar solubility to solubility.

What is the solubility in moles per liter of AgBr?

For insoluble substances like silver bromide (AgBr), the molar solubility can be quite small. In the case of AgBr, the value is 5.71 x 10¯7 moles per liter.

What is the name for AgBrO3?

Silver bromate
Silver bromate

PubChem CID 9878022
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Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS) Datasheet
Molecular Formula AgBrO3
Synonyms Silver bromate silver;bromate Silberbromat silver(I) bromate Ag.BrO3 More…

Is BaSO4 soluble in water?

Sulfuric acid
Barium sulfate/Soluble in

Is silver bromide soluble in water?

Silver bromide

Solubility in water 0.140 mg/L (20 °C)
Solubility product (Ksp) 5.4 × 10 −13
Solubility insoluble in alcohol, most acids sparingly soluble in ammonia soluble in alkali cyanide solutions
Band gap 2.5 eV

How do I calculate solubility?

Solubility indicates the maximum amount of a substance that can be dissolved in a solvent at a given temperature. Such a solution is called saturated. Divide the mass of the compound by the mass of the solvent and then multiply by 100 g to calculate the solubility in g/100g .

Does KSP have a unit?

The K s p value does not have any units because the molar concentrations of the reactants and products are different for each equation.

How do you calculate solubility product?

In this case, we calculate the solubility product by taking the solid’s solubility expressed in units of moles per liter (mol/L), known as its molar solubility. The concentration of Ca2+ in a saturated solution of CaF2 is 2.1 × 10–4 M; therefore, that of F– is 4.2 × 10–4 M, that is, twice the concentration of Ca2+.