Other What is the meaning of the Six of Cups Tarot card?

What is the meaning of the Six of Cups Tarot card?

What is the meaning of the Six of Cups Tarot card?

Divination usage. The six of cups in the esoteric use of the card stands for innocence and nostalgia when it is an upright position. The children that are used on the card are there to promote the idea of children being able to hold on to love and to not respond with emotion like adults tend to do.

What does cups mean in Tarot cards?

In tarot, the element of cups is water, and the suit of cups pertains to situations and events of an emotional nature – in contradistinction to physical, or mindful, or creative natures; physical would refer to understanding with the five senses, mindful would refer to mental constructs and logical sequences, and …

What does the 4 of Cups mean in Tarot?

The Four of Cups in Tarot stands for self-absorption, apathy, and going within. The Four of Cups meaning in a Tarot reading is that you should be cautious about getting stuck in self-absorption. A self-absorbed person refers only to his or her own interests and desires, just like the figure on the Four of Cups card.

What does 9 of cups mean in Tarot?

Upright Nine of Cups Meaning. After a long journey, the Nine of Cups symbolizes the finding of self-satisfaction. The Nine of Cups is normally associated with extreme happiness and satisfaction. The Nine of Cups is normally associated with extreme happiness and satisfaction.

What does 7 of cups mean in tarot?

According to some, this Card represents self-delusion, while others emphasize choice or temptation. Under rare and extreme circumstances, it may indicate the revelation of transcendental spiritual truth(s).

What does the death mean in tarot?

DEATH. —End, mortality, destruction, corruption; also, for a man, the loss of a benefactor; for a woman, many contrarieties; for a maid, failure of marriage projects.

What does 4 of Cups mean in a love reading?

If you’re single, the 4 of Cups tarot love meaning suggests a time of feeling boredom or indifference regarding your love life. Excitement has faded and you may feel more like roommates than lovers.

What does 8 of Cups mean in tarot?

This card usually carries the meaning of disillusionment and abandonment of things which have not been emotionally fulfilling.

What does 9 of Cups represent?

The 9 of Cups is directly related to The Hermit, card 9 of the Major Arcana. It therefore has an element of solitude about it. It’s a card of emotional happiness and fulfilment which is enjoyed alone.

What is 6 cups?

The Six of Cups is a card that takes you back to the happy memories from your past, whether as a child, teenager or young adult. You may simply be revisiting those memories in your mind, or you may travel back to your childhood home or reconnect with your childhood friends.

What does 6 cups mean?

The Six of Cups . The Six of Cups is a pleasant little card that can indicate that there are a lot of positive energies surrounding you at this time… so long as they are balanced. First we will talk about the good of the card and then we will discuss the pitfalls. This card represents nostalgia and ideal times of your life.

What is universal 6 card tarot spread?

6 Card Tarot Spread First Position: Your inner feelings of yourself. Cards in the first position represent how you feel about yourself, regardless good or bad. Second Position: Your desires. Third Position: Your worries. Fourth Position: A positive outlook. Fifth Position: Your obstacles. Sixth Position: The overall outlook.