Other What is the newest snake discovered?

What is the newest snake discovered?

What is the newest snake discovered?

Researchers have discovered a deadly new snake species in Asia, which has been named Suzhen’s krait after the mythical figure of Bai Su Zhen – a snake goddess who saved a lot of human lives. The new krait species, Suzhen’s krait, was discovered in Southwestern China and Northern Myanmar.

Is there a new species of snake?

The new species that has now been identified is now known as Joseph’s racer, Platyceps josephi. The species has been found to have a much more restricted distribution, found only in the south-eastern state of Tamil Nadu, which may have an impact on the snake’s conservation.

What is the rarest venomous snake in the world?

Saint Lucia racer facts

  • The Saint Lucia racer is a relatively small, non-venomous snake.
  • Fewer than 20 individuals remain, making it the world’s rarest snake.
  • These remaining snakes are confined to one tiny (nine-hectare) islet – Maria Major – situated 800 metres off the Saint Lucia mainland.

Can Salazar Slytherin talk to snakes?

They called Slytherin himself Serpent-tongue. The ability to actually speak Parseltongue — not just imitate it as Ron Weasley did — is considered an attribute of a Dark Wizard, which is partly due to the fact that both Salazar Slytherin and Lord Voldemort possessed this ability.

Is there a white cobra?

If Southern California is indeed an Eden, then its serpent has been found. An exotic deadly snake – a white cobra – was captured Thursday after it earlier escaped from its unknown owner onto the well-to-do streets of the Los Angeles suburb of Thousand Oaks, authorities said.

What is a longest snake?

The reticulated python (Malayopython reticulatus) is the longest snake in the world, regularly reaching over 6.25 metres in length.

Is snake a species?

Snakes are limbless reptiles belonging to the suborder Serpentes. There are more than 3000 species of snakes in the world. All snakes are ectothermic and predatory though there is remarkable interspecies variability in size and shape.

Are Vipers going extinct?

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), 57 species of viper are considered near threatened, conservation-dependent, vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered, extinct or extinct in the wild.

Are there any new snakes in the world?

The three snake specimens are the only known members of a new snake genus, called Levitonius, and a new snake species, called Levitonius mirus. The findings by Weinell and colleagues, based on methods including DNA analysis and CT scans looking at the snakes’ bone structure, were published Wednesday in the peer-reviewed journal Copeia.

How did scientists discover a new species of snake?

Scientists discover a new species of snake hiding in plain sight. 1 A serendipitous discovery. Originally, Weinell was interested in learning more about a group of snakes called Pseudorabdion. “I sequenced DNA from a 2 A ‘miniaturized’ snake. 3 An elusive burrower. 4 A new genus, too. 5 Naming new things.

How many snakes are there in the state of Connecticut?

The answer is 14! Only 2 of the 14 native snake species are venomous — the northern copperhead and timber rattlesnake. Snakes Are Fascinating!

Are there any snakes native to the Philippines?

The newly identified Levitonius mirus, also known as Waray dwarf burrowing snake, is native to the islands of Samar and Leyte in the Philippines, an exceptionally biodiverse archipelago that includes at least 112 land snake species.