Other What is the purpose of FS 3 Episode 2?

What is the purpose of FS 3 Episode 2?

What is the purpose of FS 3 Episode 2?

Some just have the LRC both for teachers and students. FS 3 FIELD STUDY Learning Episode 2. LEARNINGEPISODE1 – The School’s Learning Resource Center 4. The common purpose among these centers is to provide print, audio-visual and ICT resources to support the teaching-learning process.

What is episode 3 of field study 4?

Field Study 4 Episode 3 1. FIELD STUDY 4 – Exploring The Curriculum /jikm My FS Learning Episode Overview The episode is concerned with enumerating the characteristics of a teacher as a curricularist.

Who is the host of FS 4 exploring the curriculum?

Field Study 4 Exploring the Curriculumby James Robert Vill…819737 views Field study 4by Jve Buenconsejo103051 views Exploring the curriculum(fs4)by Ysa Garcera699028 views Field study 4 and 5by Carie Justine Peñ…141661 views Fs4 episode2by roxane Rivera119598 views

How to explore curriculum FS 4 Prince Trevor Reyes?

4. Interview one or two 3. Record the different students and ask them methods/startegies that their school’s they employed to attain vision/mission. their school’s objectives. f My Tools For thi s Episode, visit a school/university or get a copy of the school brochure.

How to do field study 3 Episode 1?

1. Go around the Learning Resource Center. 2. See what learning resources are present. 3. Examine and describe how the materials are arranged and how they are classified. Are they free from dust and moisture? Are they arranged for easy access? 4. Read the guidelines/ procedures for borrowing of materials.

How big should the font be for FS 3 slide show?

Each slide should have a maximum of six lines and each line with six words. FS 3 FIELD STUDY Learning Episode 2. LEARNINGEPISODE3 – Slideshow (SlidePresentation) 3. Ensure that your font size is large enough to be seen by learners at the back. Font size for titles should not be less than 36-40 and 32 for the rest.