Popular articles What is the saddest chick flick?

What is the saddest chick flick?

What is the saddest chick flick?

The Notebook You will always need a box of tissue when you read a Nicholas Sparks novel. The same can be said for his movies. Starring Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, Gena Rowlands, and James Garner, The Notebook is the all-time most romantic tearjerker ever!

What can I watch to make me cry?

38 Movies Guaranteed to Make You Cry Every Time

  • Forrest Gump (1994) Watch Now.
  • Blue Valentine (2010) Watch Now.
  • Call Me By Your Name (2017) Watch Now.
  • The Hours (2002) Watch Now.
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019) Watch Now.
  • My Sister’s Keeper (2009) Watch Now.
  • P.S. I Love You (2007)
  • The Spectacular Now (2013)

What’s the saddest movie in the whole world?

The Saddest Movies of All Time For a Healthy Cathartic Cry

  • Schindler’s List. Universal Pictures.
  • Requiem for a Dream. requiemtrailer.
  • Brokeback Mountain. Movieclips.
  • My Girl. Movieclips.
  • Sophie’s Choice. Movieclips Classic Trailers.
  • Precious. Movieclips Classic Trailers.
  • The Green Mile. Movieclips Classic Trailers.
  • Life is Beautiful.

What are the saddest Netflix series?

Stock up on tissues accordingly, my friends.

  • Linda Kallerus / Netflix. 1/23. Irreplaceable You (2018) Oof, this one is really going to get you.
  • Pop TV. 2/23. Schitt’s Creek (2015–2020)
  • ©ABC/Courtesy Everett Collection. 3/23. Grey’s Anatomy (2005–present)

Which is the best chick flick to watch?

However, picking a movie can be a long and arduous task though and for some, it can take hours… I would know. With that in mind, I have curated a list of some of the best chick flicks to watch that will make you laugh, cry, debate and fall in love with love. Wow. That last line sounded incredibly corny. . . I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Who is the guy in the chick flick?

Channing Tatum stars as Mike, a handyman by day and stripper by night, trying desperately to make ends meet. When he sees potential in nineteen-year-old Adam (Alex Pettyfer), he takes him under his wing and teaches him how to to be successful.

Are there any cartoons that make you cry?

Cartoons are supposed to be happy, silly, carefree! But when you have a trilogy-level emotional investment in Buzz, Woody, and the Potato Heads, and you think they’re about to be incinerated, like, right now, you best believe there are tears straight rolling down your cheeks.

What’s the name of the movie that makes you cry?

Both parties are hurting, but there’s zero chance at salvaging the relationship they used to have. This Netflix adaptation of Jennifer Niven’s beloved YA novel is about the relationship between high school classmates Violet (Elle Fanning) and Fitch (Justice Smith).