Common questions What is the summary of Toy Story?

What is the summary of Toy Story?

What is the summary of Toy Story?

Woody (Tom Hanks), a good-hearted cowboy doll who belongs to a young boy named Andy (John Morris), sees his position as Andy’s favorite toy jeopardized when his parents buy him a Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) action figure. Even worse, the arrogant Buzz thinks he’s a real spaceman on a mission to return to his home planet. When Andy’s family moves to a new house, Woody and Buzz must escape the clutches of maladjusted neighbor Sid Phillips (Erik von Detten) and reunite with their boy.
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How did Toy Story 2 end?

The game ends with him being pulverized by Evil Emperor Zurg, much to Rex’s dismay. The film is set some time after the events of the first film, presumably about 4 years later, Andy is preparing to leave for Cowboy Camp with his favorite toy, Woody.

What is the moral of Toy Story 2?

With a creativity that matches their self-sacrificing love, these toys master a major boulevard and a highrise apartment complex to come to Woody’s aid. This brings us to the final moral of the fable: Love, for however long it may be experienced, is to be chosen over any other option.

What is the conflict in Toy Story 2?

The Internal conflict Woody faces is that while Woody is kidnapped, he finds other toys (Jessie, Bullseye, Pete) and forges a strong relationship. Although this may seem useful in Woody’s escape, later he realizes that he has to make a hard decision to leave or not due to the new relationship.

Why is it called Toy Story?

Lasseter’s Tinny from his short film Tin Toy was the basis for Buzz. Woody was first designed as a ventriloquist dummy. The producers eventually found it too ‘creepy’ and switched to the pull string doll we all know now. Toy Story’s tentative title was You are a Toy.

How much money did Tom Hanks make for Toy Story 2?

For Toy Story 2, Tom Hanks more than tripled his original Toy Story salary, earning an estimated $5 million to reprise his role as Woody.

What happened to Stinky Pete in Toy Story 2?

The Prospector doll has never been opened and according to Jessie, he is still “mint in the box,” making him sought after by collectors. He always carries a pick around like a real prospector, and had lived his entire life in a box.

Who is the villain in Toy Story 2?

Stinky Pete
Stinky Pete (or simply known as the Prospector) is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Al McWhiggin) of Disney•Pixar’s 1999 animated film Toy Story 2. He is a vintage pull-string prospector ragdoll from the 1950s, and inside his original box, his accessories include a pickaxe and a gold pan.

What happens to Woody in Toy Story 2?

Al accidentally rips Woody’s arm off completely while planning a photograph of the Roundup gang, and arranges for a toy cleaner to come and repair Woody.

Who is the Pink Bear in Toy Story 2?

Dolly is a rag doll, Duckie is a rubber ducky and Teddy is a pink teddy bear. During the second part of the Toy Story Treats video Green Army Man Chants, Dolly appears watching the Green Army Men march. But when she waves at the soldiers, the first soldier gets distracted and stops.

Who is Woody in Toy Story 2?

in: Woody. Sheriff Woody Pride, more commonly referred to as simply Woody is the main protagonist in Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3 . He is voiced by Tom Hanks.

Who is the author of Toy Story 2?

It was directed by Lee Unkrich, the editor of the first two films and the co-director of Toy Story 2, written by Michael Arndt, while Unkrich wrote the story along with John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton , respectively director and co-writer of the first two films.