Blog What is the time of Deccan Express?

What is the time of Deccan Express?

What is the time of Deccan Express?

The train 11007 is named as DECCAN EXPRESS. It leaves Mumbai at 07:00 on day 1 and reaches Pune at 11:05 on day 1.It takes 4 hrs 5 mins to reach from its source to the destination….Deccan Express -11007 ( Mumbai Cst to Pune Junction )

Station name (code) Dadar (DR)
Arrives 07:11
Departs 07:13
Stop time 2 min
Distance travelled 9 km

Why is Pune called the Deccan Queen?

Q: Why Pune is called Queen of Deccan? A: Pune is known as Queen of Deccan because of its historical ,social , cultural and political improtance and its picturesqe surroundings in the Deccan. Poona Agricultural College was started in 1908 with British Principals the leading agricultural education institute from pune.

Where is Queen of Deccan?

Pune is located in the state of Maharashtra and Mumbai is located in the state of Maharashtra. The two cities are located at a distance of 192kms. The train 12124 is named as DECCAN QUEEN….Deccan Queen -12124 ( Pune Junction to Mumbai Cst )

Station name (code) Pune Junction (PUNE)
Arrives Starts
Departs 07:15
Stop time 0
Distance travelled 0 km

Where is Deccan Queen now?

12124 Deccan Queen Live Train Running Status

Station Arrival Train Status
PUNE JN (PUNE) 07:15 Ontime
LONAVALA (LNL) 08:06 Ontime
MUMBAI CSMT (CSMT) 10:25 Ontime

Which is the fastest train in India 2020?

An Updated List of the Fastest Trains in India in 2020

  • 1) Vande Bharat Express (22435/22436 and 22439/22440)
  • 2) Gatimaan Express (12049/12050)
  • 3) New Delhi – Bhopal Shatabdi Express (12001/12002)
  • 4) Mumbai – New Delhi Rajdhani Express (12951/12952)
  • 5) New Delhi – Howrah Rajdhani Express (12301/12302 and 12305/12306)