Helpful tips What length is a Swift Conqueror 630?

What length is a Swift Conqueror 630?

What length is a Swift Conqueror 630?

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Swift Conqueror 480 Swift Conqueror 530
Swift Conqueror 630 Swift Conqueror 645
Price £27695 £27695
Berths 4 4
Internal Length 6.38m 20’11” 6.38m20’11”

What is the weight of a Swift Conqueror 630?

1874 kg
The Landrover Discovery 3.0 Td V6 with a Swift Conqueror 630 with an actual weight of 1874 kg is in general a good match and suitable for all journeys on all kinds of roads.

How much does a swift caravan weigh?

Product Specification

Layouts Challenger 480 Challenger 650
Weight (MTPLM) 1394 1709
Weight (MRO) 1267 1549
Bed Sizes Challenger 480 Challenger 650
Front Double 202cm x 186cm / 6’8” x 6’1” 202cm x 156cm / 6’8” x 5’1”

What size is a swift caravan?

Shipping length: 7.54m (24′ 7″) Internal length: 5.83m (19′ 1″) Width: 2.23m (7′ 3″) Payload: 156kg.

Do I need a towing Licence for a caravan?

There is no such thing as a ‘trailer licence’ per se but dependent on the weight of the load you are towing you might need to take an additional category driving test. From 19 January 2013 drivers passing a category B (car and small vehicle) test can tow: Small trailers weighing no more than 750kg.

Which is the lightest caravan?

The Bailey Phoenix 440 is one of the smallest, lightest fixed-bed caravans you can buy.

What length is a 6 berth caravan?

Berths 6
Overall Width 2.19m 7’2″
Overall Height 2.58m 8’6″
Internal Headroom 1.90m 6’3″
Awning Size (gd to gd) 998cm

What is the Swift Diamond Pack?

The Diamond Pack is a special value optional extra, available on selected Swift caravan models to help you customise your caravan to your needs. The pack includes: Integrated DAB radio. ‘Edge’ alloy wheels.

Is it OK to tow a caravan with an automatic car?

An automatic car can perfectly tow a caravan, especially dual-clutch automatic transmissions since they always allow enough torque to move the car-trailer set in the most suitable gear.

Is manual or auto better for towing?

Generally speaking, vehicles that are fitted with automatic transmission have a much higher towing capacity than those with a manual transmission. Automatics may also require a transmission cooler to prevent overheating.

Which 2 berth caravan is best?

5 best 2-berth caravans

  • Adria Action. MTPLM (Maximum Technically Permitted Laden Mass): 1,100kg. The futuristic-looking Adria Action is a great place to start.
  • Lunar Stellar. MTPLM: 1,175kg.
  • Swift Challenger 480. MTPLM: 1,394kg.
  • Bailey Unicorn Seville. MTPLM: 1,322kg.
  • Coachman VIP 460.

Is the Swift Conqueror 630 a good caravan?

On the whole, though, the Conqueror 630 is a great caravan, and generally the attention to detail is brilliant. It seems like the designers have thought about almost everything – with the exception of table storage. If you can live with these foibles, however, you’ll certainly be caravanning in style.

What’s the price of a 2009 Swift Conqueror?

View more details about the manufacturer of this vehicle over in our manufacturers section. The 2009 Swift Conqueror 630 has flagship status, lots of specification including Alde heating, lots of luxury. Does this caravan live up to its near-£20,000 price-tag?

Are there any 2008 models of Swift Caravans?

We have tried to include as many Swift caravans as possible on our site but if you know the details of a caravan that is not included on our site please tell us using this form so that we can share the information with other caravanners The caravans below are all 2008 models [ view all]

How big is the bed in the Swift Conqueror?

The one in situ here is very comfortable, measuring 1.88m x 1.43m (tapering to 1.06m at the foot) so should provide a good night’s sleep. The only downside to having the bed in this location is that the person sleeping next to the wall will have to clamber over their partner to access the washroom in the small hours.