Other What Makes A Phone A Phablet?

What Makes A Phone A Phablet?

What Makes A Phone A Phablet?

A phablet is an electronic device which is small in size than a tablet but bigger than the normal smartphones. The word phablet comes from the combination of the words phone and tablet. It does all the work that smartphones and tablets do. It can be used for all internet purposes. Phablets are more convenient for business compared to normal smartphones. So, what makes a phone a phablet?

  • Screen Size

One of the major things that make a phone to be considered a phablet is the size of the screen.

A tablet’s screen usually ranges between 7 to 15 inches while that of a phablet ranges between 7 and 9.5 inches. It might be safe to say that a phablet is a mini-tablet. Phablets and phones have very many similarities. Many people, therefore, consider phones to be phablets and phablets to be phones.

But generally, any phone bigger than 5.29 inches in the screen size. Besides, there is usually no much difference between a regular smartphone and a phablet. Here are the common similarities of a phablet and a phone.

Phones And Phablets Are Both Portable

Phones just like phablets are easy to carry around. Smartphones are usually small in size and are therefore easy to carry around. Most of the times people carry their phones wherever they go. This is because they are small in size and they can fit in a person’s pocket. One does not have to carry large bags so as to carry a phone.

Phablets too can be carried anywhere a person goes. They are slightly larger than the smartphones but can be carried in one’s pockets. Phablets are easy to carry around wherever one goes. Tablets unlike phones and phablets cannot be carried in one’s pocket and are therefore not as convenient as phones and phablets in terms of carrying.

LG V30 and Galaxy S9 Plus are among the top phablets you can get out there. Here is an LG V30 vs Galaxy S9 plus contrast article that highlights how they compete against each other.

Phones And Phablets Are Used For Communication

Phones just like phablets can be used for making calls. The main purpose why many people buy phones and phablets is for communication. Phones and phablets are communication gadgets. They can be used to pass information to another person or get information from another person. Communication through electronic devices is a modern means of communication.

It was not present in ancient times. Phones, phablets, and tablets among other electronic devices have made communication easier. One does not necessarily need to use signals or blow horns like in the ancient times but one just makes a call from where the person is and communicates. Electronic devices require cash inform of credit for one to make calls. It also requires one to have inserted a sim card in the device so as to identify the person making the call.

Each person has their own mobile number. When making a call, a person dials the number that they want to communicate with the owner. Phone numbers are individual specific. You cannot have a number that is similar to another person. Phones and phablets are used for making calls.

Phones And Phablets Are Used For Browsing

Phones just like phablets can be used to browse data. When one wants to look up something and they are not near a written dictionary, they look up what they want in a phone or phablet. Browsing helps many people today. At times we do not know something or we are in doubt and we want to have a clear picture of something.

When faced with such situations, we refer to our phones and phablets. They give us access to top-notch research profiles. In this century we are in, people rarely rely on written materials as references. People, therefore, refer to sites that will help them get the information they want.

Different people use these sites. One may not be necessarily be searching for something for knowledge but one may also be searching for entertainment purposes. Information is encoded in the form of writing, pictures, audios, and videos. One, therefore, gets connected to the information that is relevant and useful to them. Phones and phablets can be used for browsing.

Phones And Phablets Are Used To Capture Moments

Phones just like phablets possess both rear and back cameras. Gone are the days when people had to go to studios for them to keep memories. Nowadays people capture moments as soon as they occur and live in the moment. Each phone has its own range of megapixels depending on the model. There are phones that have a high-resolution power and there are those with low-resolution power.

 Phablets likewise do not have the same range of megapixels. Each model has its own range. There are companies whose phones and phablets are known for having a higher range of megapixels. When buying a phone or phablet one should maybe consider that if one of the reasons they want to have the device is for capturing moments. Phones and phablets are used to keep memories through pictures, videos, and audios.

Phones And Phablets Are Used To Store Information

Phones just like phablets have storage space. People rarely store information in files and albums like the old days. People store their information on phones and phablets. When one takes a picture by use of a phone or phablet, the picture remains on the phone. A person may also wish to have the copy in hard copy.

Phones and phablets keep notes and documents. A person does not have to write or copy notes from another person. They just send it to the phone or phablet and the information is accessible any time. Phones and phablets are also used to store audios. Audios may be of important information which may be used as evidence in a particular situation or it might be a song. Phones and phablets are used to store information like documents, audios, videos, and pictures.

Phones and phablets are similar in many ways as seen above. They are convenient to carry as they fit in our pockets. Both can be used to pass information through voice calls, video calls, texting and voice notes. They can be used to browse information from the net.

They can be used to capture moments and helps us keep memories through pictures and videos. They help us live in the moment. They can be used to preserve important information like videos, pictures, audios, and documents. Phones and phablets are similar in many ways. So will you be getting a phablet as your next phone? That depends on your preferences and how you intend to use it.