Blog What nationality is John legends?

What nationality is John legends?

What nationality is John legends?

John Legend/Nationality
John Legend, byname of John Roger Stephens, (born December 28, 1978, Springfield, Ohio, U.S.), American singer-songwriter and pianist who achieved success in the early 21st century with his fusion of R&B and soul music. He also was a sought-after session musician.

Where is John Legend from what state?

Springfield, Ohio, United States
John Legend/Place of birth

Who was John Legend born?

December 28, 1978 (age 42 years)
John Legend/Date of birth

Where did John Legend grow up?

Springfield, Ohio
Legend was born John Roger Stephens on December 28, 1978, in Springfield, Ohio. A child prodigy, Legend’s grandmother taught him how to play the piano, and he grew up singing in the church choir. He went on to attend the University of Pennsylvania, where he directed a co-ed a cappella group.

Is John Legend’s wife black or white?

Early life. Christine Diane Teigen was born on November 30, 1985, in Delta, Utah. Her mother, Vilailuck, is from Thailand, while her father, Ron, is an American of Norwegian descent.

What religion is John Legend?

John Legend. Christian. Faith: Christian. Career: Musician. Birthday: December 28, 2978. Accomplishments: Grammy Award. Fun Faith Fact!: Legend says that he is unsure of his faith these days but is working to get back in touch with the things that were good about the Christian faith he grew up with.

Does John Legend have a degree?

Legend graduated from the University’s College of Arts and Sciences in 1999 with a degree in English and a concentration in African-American literature and culture.

Does John Legend have siblings?

Legend (born John Roger Stephens) has three siblings: two brothers (Vaughn and Ron) and sister Phyllis.

What is John Legend nickname?

Legend was born John Stephens on December 28, 1978, in Springfield, Ohio. Friends and family called him Johnny. The confident nickname John Legend was bestowed upon the singer in 2002 by Chicago poet J. Ivy, who recalled to Scotty Ballard of Jet that “I heard one of his songs and I’m just blown away like everyone else.