Blog What program can open a XFDL file?

What program can open a XFDL file?

What program can open a XFDL file?

An XFDL file is an Extensible Forms Description Language file. Open one with Lotus Forms Viewer, IBM Forms Viewer, or IBM Forms Designer.

How do I view an Xfdl File?

How to Open an XFDL File

  1. Start a plain text editor, such as Notepad on Windows or Textedit on Apple. These programs can open and view some of the information inside the XFDL file format.
  2. Download and install Editix, an XML editor.
  3. Download and install the IBM Form Viewer or Editor package.

How do I view Xfdl files on Android?

Just install the application, open it, select “File” and then “Open” from within the program. Choose your XFDL document to display it in the main program window. Lotus Viewer allows you to view XFDL documents and to add or modify form data fields within them.

How do I open Xfdl files on Windows 10?

What kind of form is the sf-182?

A: The Standard Form-182 (SF-182) is the Request, Authorization, Agreement and Certification for Training Form, which is used to document instances of completed military and civilian employee training in the Department of Defense (DoD).

Can a wing Comptroller sign the sf-182?

A: Yes. A representative of the Wing Comptroller must sign the SF-1812 (Section E) prior to receipt by the Training Support Department. SF-182 will remain in a holding pattern until all required signatures are obtained.

When is the sf-182 used at Camp Lejeune?

Training held at MCB Camp Lejeune). The SF-182 is used when units host an outside vendor aboard the installation, to include free training. Free training has to be vetted through the Legal Support Services office prior to accepting. The SF-182 is also used for training materials related to in-house training materials.