Other What rapper has a rocket launcher?

What rapper has a rocket launcher?

What rapper has a rocket launcher?

Lil Gnar thinks he’s RondoNumbaNine. The Atlanta rapper posted footage of himself handling a rocket launcher on his IG account. Lil Gnar’s are similar to Rondo’s incident in 2014.

Who in Chicago had a rocket launcher?

Chicagoan emcee RondoNumbaNine has been arrested for murder. This comes after a wave of scrutiny Massey recently faced for posting a picture of himself holding a rocket launcher last December, which caused the Chicago Police Department to order official an alert. He later claimed it was a “just a publicity stunt”.

What rapper snuck a RPG into Chicago?

How a Rapper Snuck an RPG into Chicago – YouTube | Rapper, Lil durk, Chicago.

How old is RondoNumbaNine now?

24 years (February 18, 1997)

Can you reload a rocket launcher?

Re: Reloading Rocket Launchers? They can be loaded in 15-20% of the time. Depending on crew skill and circumstances, yes.

Who is Clint Massey?

A South Side man was sentenced to 39 years in prison Tuesday for the 2014 slaying of a livery driver just blocks away from U.S. Cellular Field. Clint Massey, 19, was sentenced to 39 years in prison during a hearing Tuesday by Judge Vincent Gaughan, according to the Cook County state’s attorney’s office.

Where was La Capone killed?

Chicago, Illinois, United States
L’A Capone/Place of death

Are rocket launchers One shot?

A One-Shot weapon is a missile launcher that has only one shot to fire. The One-Shot missile system was introduced in 2676 by the Terran Hegemony. It served to provide a little bit more firepower when space and mass were at a premium.

How long does it take to reload a rocket launcher?

They were only obtainable from Sharks and Heavy Marauders, which made Rocket Launchers unobtainable in Team Rumble and very rare in Solo, Duos or Squads. With the 13.20….Stats.

Rocket Launcher
Damage 115
Fire Rate 0.75
Magazine Size 1
Reload Time 3.1

Is there such a thing as a rondo grenade launcher?

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Who is in possession of a rocket launcher?

The Crime Control Strategies Deployment Operations Center: 003rd District Gang Violence division published a safety bulletin alleging two notorious gang factions were in possession of a “rocket launcher,” including the “Bricksquad Gangster Disciples” and “Brick City/Wiic City Black Disciples.”

Who is the rap artist with the rocket launcher?

The image of rising Chi Town rap artist RondoNumbaNine, born Clint Massey, was included in the bulletin. “There are several photos posted on social media with MASSEY in possession of a rocket launcher similar to the one in the above photo,” the bulletin read. There is no direct evidence that the weapon was indeed real.

Where does Rondo from real n—4 life come from?

Rondo is a burgeoning rap artist hailing from South Side Chicago. He is currently prepping the release of his new mixtape release “Real N—- 4 Life 2.” No word on that project’s release date, but it is slated to drop soon. For Updates, Be sure to Follow on Twitter @KollegeKidd by clicking here.