Blog What rifle does the sniper use tf2?

What rifle does the sniper use tf2?

What rifle does the sniper use tf2?

— The Sniper The Sniper Rifle is the default primary weapon for the Sniper. It is a single-shot, bolt-action rifle with a wooden stock and a massive telescopic scope, with a laser sight attached underneath….Damage and function times.

# of ticks lit Bodyshot damage Headshot damage
11 ~120 ~360
12 ~135 ~405
13 150 450

How do you get an Australium in tf2?

How do i get australium weapons?

  1. Play Advanced or higher Mann Up MvM. Complete a full tour to get the chance at an Aussie. Not guaranteed and takes longer, but more fun (YMMV)
  2. Buy it from trade sites,, or SCM. Guaranteed, instant, but not as fun.

Is the Sydney Sleeper good?

Sydney Sleeper, while not being as accuracy based, is an amazing team weapon if you use it correctly. While there are a lot of bad snipers who will use it because they aren’t good enough to get the headshots reliably, doesn’t mean that in the hands of a good sniper this thing can’t be a beast.

What kind of sniper rifle can you get in Team Fortress 2?

Festive Sniper Rifles can now be gifted. Marked Sniper Rifle and Festive Sniper Rifle as usable with the Headshot Part. [Undocumented] Added Silver and Gold Botkiller variants. Added Rust, Blood, Carbonado, and Diamond Botkiller variants. Added Silver and Gold Botkiller Mk. II variants.

What kind of weapon is the Australium knife?

BLU Australium Knife variant first person view. BLU Australium Knife variant first person view, ready to backstab. An Australium Sniper Rifle as featured on the Day 1 page. An Australium Minigun as seen in the last seconds of the Sound of Medicine video.

What does the golden skin on Australium weapons do?

Built from the material of the same name, the custom golden skin is purely cosmetic, despite being constructed from the same element as the Golden Wrench, Saxxy and Golden Frying Pan. All Australium weapons are of Strange quality. Killing someone with an Australium weapon displays a golden glow behind its kill icon.

Is the sniper rifle the same as the M24?

The Sniper Rifle has a very similar design to both the M24 rifle and the M40 rifle. The M40 was used during the Vietnam war, and the M24 used during the Gulf War. First-person view. RED Festive variant .