Popular articles What tastes good on a bagel?

What tastes good on a bagel?

What tastes good on a bagel?

17 Bagel Toppings to Try That Aren’t Just Cream Cheese

  • Peanut Butter & Granola. Peanut butter is my one true love in life, and so obviously I love to slather the creamy spread all over my bagels.
  • Smoked Salmon.
  • Avocado & Poached Egg.
  • Nutella.
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese.
  • Ham & Cheddar.
  • Pizza Bagel.
  • Tuna Salad.

Can Bagels be sweet?

Breakfast bagels, a softer, sweeter variety usually sold in fruity or sweet flavors (e.g., cherry, strawberry, cheese, blueberry, cinnamon-raisin, chocolate chip, maple syrup, banana and nuts) are common at large supermarket chains.

What do you put on a bagel for lunch?

Think about cream cheese, sprouts and cucumber. Chicken salad, egg salad, avocado salad, turkey and warm steak and cheese would all be welcome choices to create a bagel sandwich for lunch as well.

What tastes good on a cream cheese bagel?


  • Strawberry shmear + shaved coconut.
  • Blueberry shmear + dark chocolate.
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese + banana + walnut + cinnamon.
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese + salmon + cucumber + dill.
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese + tomato + red onion + basil leaves.

What goes good with everything bagel seasoning?

Make Crackers or Shortbread With It. This is another idea from genius Joe.

  • Put it on Cottage Cheese. Cottage cheese haters, get outta here.
  • Sprinkle It on Pizza.
  • Finish Scrambled Eggs With It.
  • Add It to Homemade Trail Mix.
  • Pair It With Roasted Vegetables.
  • Stir It Into Yogurt.
  • Sprinkle It on Tomato Toast.
  • Do bagels need sugar?

    Most bread products need sugar to activate the yeast, but bagels especially benefit from some sort of sweetener. Adding sugar to the dough gives bagels their shiny brown crust, and provides an extra kick of flavor. Regular sugar or honey work well; the recipe below calls for both.

    Are bagels the same as Doughnuts?

    A doughnut is a type of fried dough confectionery while bagel is like a bread product. The major difference between the two is that while the doughnut is deep fried the bagel is baked.

    What is the healthiest thing to put on a bagel?

    We’ve got you.

    • Sun-dried tomato tapenade bagels.
    • Homemade vegan tofu cream cheese.
    • Power snack with DIY maple-coconut-cinna-almond butter.
    • Homemade natural nut butter and chia jam.
    • Smoked salmon spread with Greek yogurt.
    • Avocado white bean dip sandwich.
    • Cashew cream cheese.
    • 2-minute cinnamon seed butter.

    How can I spice up bagels and cream cheese?

    8 Mind-Blowingly Delicious Ways to Top a Bagel That Go Beyond Cream Cheese

    1. Strawberries + chocolate-hazelnut spread + chopped hazelnuts.
    2. Cinnamon cream cheese + apple.
    3. Smoked salmon + cream cheese + dill.
    4. Egg + cheese.
    5. Tomato + onion + cream cheese + avocado.
    6. Marinara + chicken + mozzarella.
    7. Peanut butter + jelly.

    Is bagel and cream cheese healthy?

    Many of the most popular bagel toppings like cream cheese, butter, and jam can harbor a lot of excess calories in the form of saturated fat and sugar. While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence, there are more nutritious options.

    What is the best topping for a bagel?

    chopped hazelnuts

  • apple
  • dill
  • cheese
  • avocado
  • mozzarella
  • jelly
  • What are the different types of bagel toppings?

    19 Better Bagel Toppings That Will Get You Out of a Cream Cheese Rut The Best Avocado Egg Salad. Greek yogurt is usually the go-to substitute for mayo in an egg salad, but if you want to keep things totally dairy-free, opt for Turkey Apple Cheddar Bagel Melts. Give your grilled cheese a sweet, savory, and spicy upgrade with the addition of turkey, apple slices, and horseradish mustard. Bang Bang Tofu Bagel.

    What is the best bagel spread?

    Beat cream cheese, lemon juice, milk, green onions, hickory smoke and only one seasoning with mixer until light and fluffy. Beat in salmon. Chill several hours for flavors to blend. Spread on toasted bagels, bagel chips, French bread slices, crackers, pumpernickel or rye bread.

    What to make with bagels?

    Serving [ change | change source] Bagels are often toasted in a toaster and then paired with foods like cream cheese (a soft cheese that tastes a little sweet) and jam, or with butter. Bagels can also be used to make sandwiches, with meat (for example smoked salmon) and egg and cheese. Bagel sandwiches are usually eaten for breakfast or lunch.