Popular articles What to expect from a Gilera Runner 180 SP?

What to expect from a Gilera Runner 180 SP?

What to expect from a Gilera Runner 180 SP?

This is what to expect from owing a Gilera 180 SP. It will most likely spend a fair amount of time at your local Scooter shop in various states of disassembly. If you have a back up scooter this will not be too painful, however if you don’t, you may want to kill yourself as it can become somewhat frequent.

What’s the difference between a 50cc and 125cc Gilera Runner?

In 1998, the 125 cc (7.6 cu in) FX Runner was introduced which had the same styling as the 50cc. In 1999, the SP model was released. The biggest difference between the FX (FXR) and the SP is the FX had a 9 l (2.0 imp gal; 2.4 US gal) petrol tank and battery stowed near the spark plug and a rear drum brake.

Who is the designer of the Gilera Runner?

Gilera Runner. The Gilera Runner is a scooter manufactured by Italian company Piaggio under the Gilera brand, designed by Luciano Marabese of Marabese Design Srl. It is noted for its unusual style, high performance and good handling.

What kind of engine does the Gilera Runner have?

The Runner was initially only available with two stroke engines with 125 cc and 180 cc four stroke versions arriving in 2001 and the larger two stroke versions phased out.

When did the first Gilera Runner come out?

The first incarnation of the Gilera Runner was a 50cc that was released in 1997 in Europe. The 50cc model went through a number of revisions; in 1998, a rear disc brake was added with the Gilera Runner 50DD (Double Disc).

When did the Gilera FXR 180 cc come out?

In 1999, the FXR 180 cc (11 cu in) was introduced and was by far the fastest of the Runners including the new generation 200 cc (12 cu in) four strokes. It was noted for its high performance and great handling. Unfortunately it has a high fuel consumption.