Common questions What was the Victory Medal awarded for in ww1?

What was the Victory Medal awarded for in ww1?

What was the Victory Medal awarded for in ww1?

Instituted in September 1919, the Victory Medal was issued for service in an active theatre of military operations between 5 August 1914 and 11 November 1918. It was one of a number of First World War campaign medals awarded.

How much is a World war 1 Victory Medal worth?

Valuations: Generally speaking a WWI Victory medal is worth about $10-$15, $30-$35 if on a ring suspension, and you can add $10.00 for each clasp or bar added to that in combination of up to five clasps of the standard wartime service clasps These clasps are…

What does the British War Medal represent?

The British War Medal was awarded to all officers and men of British and Imperial forces who had served for a prescribed period during any stage of the war, or who had died on active service before the completion of this period.

What medals would you get in ww1?

Major military awards of World War 1: VC to MiD

  • Victoria Cross.
  • Distinguished Service Order.
  • Distinguished Service Cross.
  • Military Cross.
  • Distinguished Flying Cross.
  • Air Force Cross.
  • Distinguished Conduct Medal.
  • Distinguished Service Medal.

What are the British Military Medals?

British campaign medals are awarded to members of the British Armed Forces, Allied forces and civilians participating in specified military campaigns. Examples include the Defence Medal, for homeland defence in World War II, and the Atlantic Star for World War II sea service in the Atlantic. Contents. 18th century.

What is a British Victory Medal?

Victory Medal (United Kingdom) The Victory Medal (also called the Inter-Allied Victory Medal) is a United Kingdom and British Empire First World War campaign medal. The award of a common allied campaign medal was recommended by an inter-allied committee in March 1919.

What were Great Britain’s weapons during WW1?

1 RIFLES. The standard rifle of the British army during World War I was the Lee-Enfield .303, a variation of a weapon that had been used by the army since 1902. Fed by a magazine that could hold 10 bullets, the bolt-action Lee-Enfield was a robust, reliable rifle well-suited to the harsh conditions of trench warfare.

What is the British military award?

The Military Medal ( MM) was a military decoration awarded to personnel of the British Army and other arms of the armed forces, and to personnel of other Commonwealth countries, below commissioned rank, for bravery in battle on land.