Common questions When did 20 jazz funk greats come out?

When did 20 jazz funk greats come out?

When did 20 jazz funk greats come out?

20 Jazz Funk Greats is the third studio album by British industrial music group Throbbing Gristle, released in December 1979 by the band’s label Industrial Records. It is known for its tongue-in-cheek title and artwork, and has been hailed as the band’s best work, with UK magazine Fact naming it the best album…

Which is better 20 jazz or Throbbing Gristle?

While so far I’ve only checked out the vinyl for 20 Jazz, it looks drool-worthy and sounds far stronger than any other pressing that this fussy midget has encountered.

What kind of music does Throbbing Gristle play?

In a retrospective review of Throbbing Gristle’s discography for Uncut, Michael Bonner stated that “Musically, it turned away from the precipice; not exactly jazz and funk, but sublimating TG’s noise elements within electronic rhythms and proto-exotica.

How many Throbbing Gristle albums are there in the world?

Five classic Throbbing Gristle albums have been beautifully remastered and lovingly repackaged in gatefolded 2xCD editions.

Is there such a thing as jazz funk?

I find that “jazz-funk” is a label that can be used as a broad term to encompass a lot of music with much debate into “what is” and “what isn’t” part of this sub-genre (the exact problem with genres and labels).

Who are the top 20 jazz greats of all time?

AllMusic writer Paul Simpson wrote, “Thoroughly exciting and immeasurably influential, 20 Jazz Funk Greats is easily Throbbing Gristle’s crowning achievement, and one of the highlights of the post-punk era.”

What was the name of the jazz group in the sixties?

Formerly known in the sixties as The Jazz Crusaders, this funky mid-tempo classic is featured on the group’s second album The 2nd Crusade. When it comes to jazz-funk, The Crusaders were one of the more solid and consistent groups of the seventies.