Other When did the Beatles appear at Finsbury Park Astoria?

When did the Beatles appear at Finsbury Park Astoria?

When did the Beatles appear at Finsbury Park Astoria?

24 December 1963
The Beatles’ Christmas Show It ran at the Astoria from 24 December 1963 until 11 January 1964. Tickets had gone on sale on 21 October 1963 and by 16 November all 100,000 had sold out.

Did the Beatles play at Finsbury Park Astoria?

The 19th date of The Beatles’ 1964 British tour was a return to the Astoria in Finsbury Park, London. The group had previously performed at the venue for The Beatles’ Christmas Show in December 1963 and January 1964. They performed two concerts on this night, for which they were paid £850.

When did the Rainbow Finsbury Park close?

Rainbow Theatre

Opened 29 September 1930
Renovated 1975-77
Closed January 1982
Architect Edward Albert Stone

Did the Beatles ever make a Christmas album?

An LP compilation of all seven, titled From Then to You in the UK and The Beatles’ Christmas Album in the US, was sent out in 1970….

The Beatles’ Christmas Records
Compilation album by the Beatles
Recorded 17 October 1963 – December 1969
Studio Various
Genre Spoken word surreal humour rock Christmas music experimental

When did the Astoria close?

15 January 2009
The London Astoria was a music venue, located at 157 Charing Cross Road, in London, England. Originally a warehouse during the 1920s, the building became a cinema and ballroom….London Astoria.

Capacity 1,600 – 2,000
Opened 1976
Closed 15 January 2009
Website (archived)

Did the Beatles release a Christmas song?

The Beatles did release one Christmas song in the mid-sixties, called “Christmas Time (Is Here Again).” What many fans don’t know is that the Beatles actually created special Christmas mini-albums each year from 1963 through 1969 and distributed them via mail to members of their fan club.

Who played at the Rainbow Theatre?

Rainbow Theatre has had 140 concerts

Date Concert Venue
Dec 14, 1980 Echo & the Bunnymen / The Passions / The Sound Rainbow Theatre
Oct 18, 1980 Rory Gallagher / Rage Rainbow Theatre
Oct 17, 1980 Rory Gallagher / Rage Rainbow Theatre
Sep 29, 1980 Elvis Costello / Stray Cats / Attractions Rainbow Theatre

What is the Astoria London now?

In 2009 the venue closed, and was demolished as part of the development plans of the Crossrail project. The venue is still seen today as having been an iconic music establishment, as it helped to launch the careers of many British rock bands and also played a part in the UK success of many international acts.

What happened to the Mean Fiddler?

The Mean Fiddler, London: The little sibling of The Astoria, situated just beside, suffered exactly the same fate as it was demolished in favor of Crossrail development in 2009.