Helpful tips Where can I find my 12 digit Sky account number?

Where can I find my 12 digit Sky account number?

Where can I find my 12 digit Sky account number?

Your Sky account number is a 12-digit number that appears on your bill. If you’ve accidentally blocked your TV PIN after entering the wrong one three times, then you’ll need to use your account number to unblock and reset your PIN.

How can I access my Sky account?

Sky iD lets you sign in to all Sky’s online services. It consists of your email address (or username for accounts created before 9 June 2016) and a password. > Create a Sky iD now – you’ll need your account number, viewing card number or the last 6 digits of the bank account number used to pay for Sky.

Is your Sky iD your account number?

Sky iD is your sign in for our online services, such as My Sky, Sky Go, Sky Store, Sky Broadband Shield, Sky apps, and more. It consists of your email address (or a username) and a password. Every Sky account must have a Primary Sky iD.

How do I find my Sky username and password?

Based on the option you chose, you’ll either receive a reminder to the email address you gave us when you signed up or you’ll view your username on screen. Follow this link to go to the Sky iD sign in screen. Then click the Forgotten Password link. Enter your username and click Continue.

How do I check my Sky Cable account?

You may check your current balance by logging on to, or via the mySKY app. Just go to “Account Overview” inside the “My Profile” tab, and then choose the registered account you’d like to check.

How do I find out my Sky username and password?

What is my viewing card number Sky?

Customers can find their Sky viewing card number by going to the System Information / System Details page within the Settings menu.

How do I find out my sky username and password?

Why can’t I log into my Sky account?

If your account has been locked, please call us on 03442 411 280. Our automated system will unlock your iD, then you’ll need to complete all of the following steps: Reset your Sky iD password. Sign in to your Sky email account and check your email settings.

What is Sky username and password?

To log in to your hub and change its setting you need a username and password. Depending on which hub you have, these are set by default to: Username: admin. Password: sky or the WiFi password on the back of your hub.

How do I unlink my sky iD?

To remove the email address from your old account go to The link above doesn’t work!

How long does it take to install Sky Broadband?

Installation within 24 hours if the area is feasible. Sky Broadband Services is the fastest growing Internet Service Provider in Shillong and is the preferred choice for home & business connectivity, committed to enhancing the lives of its customers by providing world-class internet service at affordable rates.

How can I Check my Sky Broadband speed?

Speed check must be done using, the MySky app or by speaking to one of our service advisors. See for more details, usage policies and to check your speeds. Sky Broadband general: External factors such as internet congestion and home wiring can affect speed.

How can I Manage my Sky TV Bill?

Managing your bill has never been easier – within the My Account section of, you can view your bills, make a payment, change your payment due date, change your payment method and contact us if you need further help with your bill.

Do You Know Your Sky Cable account number?

To allow us to serve you better, please keep your account number ready when calling our hotline. Your account number is a unique 9-digit number associated only with your account and the services you are subscribed to enabling us to quickly identify and process your concern.