Other Where is LA Ink filmed?

Where is LA Ink filmed?

Where is LA Ink filmed?

Los Angeles, California
LA Ink is an American reality television show on TLC that follows the events of the High Voltage Tattoo (and, later in the series, American Electric) tattoo studios in Los Angeles, California.

Does Kat Von D still work at LA Ink?

Since the end of LA Ink, Kat Von D has certainly kept herself busy. As well as continuing to own High Voltage Tattoo in Hollywood, CA, Von D launched her own makeup line, Kat Von D Beauty. She later sold it to Kendo Brands in January 2020 after a series of public controversies.

What happened to LA Ink?

Kat Von D’s Show, LA Ink, Is Cancelled The current season of LA Ink will be the last. On Thursday, TLC announced that it is canceling Kat Von D’s tattoo shop series after four seasons (and a whole lot of real-time Jesse James drama). Kat Von D herself had a different spin on the news, however.

How long did LA Ink last?

Kat Von D reality show, ‘LA Ink,’ canceled by TLC after four seasons — but she claims she quit. Tattoos may be forever, but “LA Ink” is not. Kat Von D’s TLC reality show was canceled by the network on Thursday after four seasons on the air.

Is there a season 8 of LA Ink?

(CBS) TLC is pulling the plug on “LA Ink.” The network announced Thursday that the current season of Kat Von D’s reality show will be its last. “TLC has decided that the current season of LA Ink will be its last,” the network said in a statement, obtained by Entertainment Weekly.

Does Corey Miller still tattoo?

He began tattooing at the age of 15. He is the owner of a tattoo shop in Upland, California called Six Feet Under. He was one of the core tattoo artists on the reality television show LA Ink. Miller specializes in black and gray portraits and dragon art….Corey Miller (tattoo artist)

Corey Miller
Spouse(s) Katherine Miller