Blog Where is the obelisk orb in wizard101?

Where is the obelisk orb in wizard101?

Where is the obelisk orb in wizard101?

Re: Obelisk orb in the Shadow Palace The obelisk orb in “Shadow Palace” is actually behind the Tree Roots, in Spirit Plane (Moros) out in the Shadow Palace courtyard with all the reagents lying about. To get it, you will have to go back into moros’ plane and run behind the tree roots.

Where is the orb in ruined Alcazar?

The Ruined Alcazar Obelisk Orb is located is located toward the back of the Alcazar. (Back meaning past the Radiance Reborn teleporter).

Where is the shadow Palace wizard101?

The Shadow Palace is the final area in Khrysalis. Outside the palace is Moros and the Spirit Plane. Inside the palace are two dungeons: The Galleries and Morganthe’s Chamber.

Where is the Chamber of solar justice?

The chamber is located inside the Solar Arc little deep inside Kondha Desert particularly to the west. It is actually the balance chamber. The orb is floating on the inside.

Where are the Khryckets in wizard101?

Enter Fort Rachias from Tyrian Gorge and head right of the Gloom Dancers. Enter the gate to the Goliath Black Bolts, and head right again towards the back. You’ll find the Khrycket in the small cave to the right of the flag there.

How do I get to Radiance reborn?

Wizards arrive in the restored castle Radiance Reborn in the quest Stairway to Heaven. The glowing doors at the entry point in the south end of the room are a teleporter that return to Ruined Alcazar. The teleporter in the middle of the room connects onward to the Shrine of Lost Light in Sardonyx.

Can you feint Morganthe?

Morganthe Strategy -Set up one wizard to take out all the different versions of Morganthe in one hit. You will likely want at least one feint on each of her. Thankfully there are no myth Morganthes, so aside from a very occasional sirens your blades will be safe.

Where can I find Morganthe?

Morganthe is located inside the Shadow Palace in Khrysalis. You can get here quickly by using the Hive teleporter in the Silent Market, then going up a nearby ladder. She splits into four forms – Ice, Death, Storm, and Balance.

Where is the Khrycket in silent market?

You can find him in the Silent Market near the entrance to Tyrian Gorge and near the teleporters in the back.

What are the wizard101 worlds in order?

Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre, Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca, Khrysalis. The side worlds are Grizzleheim and Wysteria.

How do I get back into ruined Alcazar?

Re: Stuck outside Ruined Alcazar You need to go to Khrysalis, and then go to the Silent Market. Run through it until you reach the spot where Zeke is. Behind Zeke there should be one or more portals available to you. One of those will be to Ruined Alcazar.

How do you get to sardonyx in wizard101?

One of the teleporters in Silent Market can take you to Sardonyx. This link shows you a map of Silent Market. On the left side you will see a what appears to be an Orb above Zeke. There are several portals in that pool to take you to various areas.