Other Where is the shotgun in evil within 2?

Where is the shotgun in evil within 2?

Where is the shotgun in evil within 2?

In The Evil Within 2 the Full-barreled Shotgun location is found in the storage shed just a few meters south of the “Post Plus” safehouse. That’s the safe house in the very north of chapters 7 & 13. After leaving the safe house walk in a straight line for 10 meters and you’ll run into the storage shed.

How do you get the double barrel shotgun in the evil within 2?

The Double-Barreled Shotgun is exactly what you think, it fires two shells at once dealing crazy damage. To get this one, you’ll need to complete the side mission, The Last Step. Upon completion, Sykes will leave it for you as a reward.

How do I get the keys in the evil within?

Special Keys are found throughout The Evil Within. Although there are several ways to obtain keys, the most common is by smashing small statues found tucked away in various corners of the game. Keys can be spent to open Morgue Lockers. Each one of these contains extra items for you to use on your journey.

Where is the revolver in evil within 2?

Revolver. You won’t come across this gun until you’ve completed all three Anima sequences. The first one is at 336 Cedar Avenue, followed by one at Juke Diner, and finally in The Marrow’s Restricted Labs during Chapter 11. If you complete all three, you’ll get the Revolver as a reward.

Is the revolver good evil within 2?

There are a ton of different handguns available in The Evil Within 2, and the Revolver is one of the best you can get, despite its limited ammo count.

When does evil within Chapter 3 come out?

The Evil Within Chapter 3: Claws of the Horde – Chainsaw, Boss Fight, Shotgun Find the Shotgun, Agony Crossbow and Chainsaw to win the boss chapter ending boss fight. Published Oct. 16, 2014, 10:15 a.m. about The Evil Within

Where do you get a shotgun in the evil within?

The Shotgun is a weapon obtainable in The Evil Within, and serves as the first real powerhouse in Sebastian Castellanos ‘s arsenal. The Shotgun can be found during Chapter 3, in the same house as the Agony Crossbow in a metal case on the second floor.

When do you get double barrel shotgun in Evil Within?

Players who own the pre-ordered or special editions of the game are granted the Double Barrel Shotgun for free upon starting Chapter 3. This variant of the Shotgun deals 150% base damage and fires in an effective two-shot burst from both barrels, giving it very high DPS.

What to do in Chapter 2 of Evil Within?

If you found the Key in Chapter 2: Remnants, use it to open any of the locker doors. Once that’s done, save your game and then use the upgrade chair if needed and then teleport back to the village. Inside the house are two bombs that you need to disable.