Blog Which is better Pastest or OnExamination?

Which is better Pastest or OnExamination?

Which is better Pastest or OnExamination?

Pastest is more comprehensive question bank with over 6000 questions, past papers collection, and a mobile offline app that can sync your account. OnExamination is always ranked third by most of the people as a question bank for MRCP part 1.

Is Pastest enough for MRCP Part 1?

Past Papers are Perfect Practice! After each exam sitting, Pastest produces an MRCP Part 1 Past Paper, which includes similar proportions of specialty questions and similar themes to those tested in the exam. Users who ONLY used Past Papers tended not to perform so well in the exam.

Is MRCP very difficult?

Originally from the UK and conducted by the Royal Colleges of Physicians, the MRCP exam has two parts – part 1 and part 2 course. Part 1 is a written exam consisting of two papers, 100 best of five questions (BOF), and a time limit of 3 hours, all of which make cracking the MRCP exam very difficult.

How difficult is MRCP exam?

How long do you need to prepare for MRCP Part 1?

If you can do 4 hours each day of the weekend then you’re doing really well. The next step is to examine the MRCP Part 1 format. It consists of two 3-hour papers separated by a 1-hour lunch break….How To Pass MRCP Part 1.

Specialty Marks Percentage of exam
Respiratory Medicine 15 7.5%
Rheumatology 15 7.5%

Is MRCP better than MD?

Is MRCP UK Equivalent to MD in India? Yes, MRCP in the UK is equivalent to MD qualification in India. So, as an MRCP UK Diploma holder, you can easily pursue a career in Indian hospitals without completing an MD.

Can MRCP be done online?

New for 2020, we have introduced an online, computer based version of the MRCP(UK) Part 1 exam. Delivery will remain the same in terms of content and format but will be taken via the Surpass assessment system, where candidates will be monitored by an online invigilator in real time.

Is MRCP a tough exam?

Is there a free copy of Pastest for MRCP Part 1?

In this section, we will distribute Pastest Qbank 2020 in PDF for free download. There are twenty three files available to download containing very high-yield MCQs for MRCP part 1, and so are recommended to everyone those plans to enroll in the Mrcp Part 1 exam soon.

Why choose US for your MRCP Part 1 exam revision?

Why choose us for your MRCP Part 1 exam revision? Revise with over 3,190 expertly written MRCP Part 1 questions, our resources designed to help you pass and maximise your revision time.

Which is a better resource Pastest or onexamination?

It has very lucid explanation ,though sometimes they go in excessive minute details but considering sooner or later you are gonna take your part 2 hence it’s a good resource to build your foundations and master the art of NICE guidelines.

Is the MRCP Part 2 written or paced?

The following exams are MRCP Part 2 Written and MRCP 2 PACES. The MRCP (UK) Part 1 examination is split into two, three-hour papers taken on the same day.