Popular articles Which pumps are used in oil and gas industry?

Which pumps are used in oil and gas industry?

Which pumps are used in oil and gas industry?

Let’s explore some common pumps that are used in oil and gas downstream operations.

  • Centrifugal Pumps. These pumps use a rotating impeller to create a vacuum for fluid movements.
  • Booster Pumps. Booster pumps are widely used in the oil and gas industry for different purposes.
  • Positive Displacement Pumps.
  • Submersible Pump.

What are the different types of pumps give examples?

Positive Displacement Pumps

Reciprocating Pump Bladder Diaphragm Peristaltic Piston / plunger
Rotary Pump Gear Screw Progressing cavity Rotary lobe Rotary vane

How many types of water pumps are there?

There are two basic types of water pumps: centrifugal and positive displacement. Both types are designed to move water from one place to another continuously. A centrifugal water pump uses a rotating impeller to move water into the pump and pressurize the discharge flow.

What are the types of Rotodynamic pumps?

The most common types of rotodynamic pumps are radial (centrifugal), mixed flow and axial flow (propeller) pumps, including pumps historically referred to as vertical turbine pumps.

What kind of pump does an oil refinery use?

A diaphragm pump is a type of positive displacement pump that uses both a valve and a diaphragm to draw oil and gas into a refinery chamber during the upstream and midstream phase of oil refinement.

What are the codes for a refinery pump?

Refinery pumps have to comply with specific design codes, such as the well-known codes of the American Petroleum Institute (API 610) and the I nternational S tandards O rganisation (ISO 13709). The codes which describe refinery pumps in greater detail refer to them as “heavy duty” pumps as they are generally suitable for heavy-duty operation.

What kind of pumps are used in midstream?

The midstream sector transports and stores natural gas and crude oils. This is where the petrochemical pump comes in. Companies use these types of pumps to process or refine chemicals during crude oil drilling and refining. Petrochemical pumps can be piston pumps, diaphragm pumps, mag drive pumps or another type of process pump or chemical pump.

How are centrifugal pumps used in the oil and gas industry?

Centrifugal pumps can also handle dirty liquids or liquids with low viscosity as long as they do not contain air, vapors, or heavy amount of solids. Centrifugal pumps are used in the upstream oil and gas industry as part of tri-phase or multiphase pumping application.