Other Who did Jade date in Family Reunion?

Who did Jade date in Family Reunion?

Who did Jade date in Family Reunion?

At Jade’s party, Moz and Cocoa fly in her friends from Seattle to surprise her, but what ultimately lifts Jade’s spirits is Royale, who crashes the party in disguise. Royale reveals he is leaving Georgia, so the two confess their love for each other and share a kiss, but they are caught by Moz, who forces Royale out.

Where did Jade go in Family Reunion?

Jade then left the city with Royale to Atlanta, and was mentioned in part 3 that she somehow got caught and was taken back home and grounded for a few months.

Is Family Reunion discontinued?

‘Family Reunion’ season 4 (or part 4) released on August 26, 2021, on Netflix. If everything pans out smoothly, fans can expect ‘Family Reunion’ season 5 to release sometime in 2022, at the earliest.

Is the girl on Family Reunion black?

‘ People were going on about how light I was and how I didn’t fit the family.” In reality, the family that they were referring to is biracial, as is Talia. In the show, Jade’s mother, Cocoa (played by Tia Mowry), is both Black and white. “I remember looking at the comments and thinking, Oh, my God!

How old is Ami from Family Reunion now?

She is only 18 years old and a hard-working actress and the star of Netflix’s “Family Reunion.” Her voice is mature and her outlook on the industry and life is equally mature.

Why does Jade wear a wig in Family Reunion?

“So in order to save my curls and repair the damage we had to use a wig. The show’s creator @themegadiva wanted Jade to be on a journey from Seattle where she did not embrace her natural hair, to Columbus GA where she learns to love her natural God given beauty.

Will there be Season 3 of family reunion?

When Is ‘Family Reunion’ Part 3 Coming To Netflix? ‘Family Reunion’ Part 3 arrived on Netflix on April 5, 2021. The second half of the second season AKA Part 4 is coming out on August 26, 2021. Family Reunion aired part 1 episodes on July 10, 2019, followed by a holiday special on December 9, 2019.

How old is Shaka from family reunion in 2021?

Isaiah Russell-Bailey – Shaka from Family Reunion Isaiah is a 15 years old young actor that is playing Shaka, the young boy of the McKellan family.

What are the dedications on Family Reunion?

Why are there Family Reunion dedications every episode? Each writer used on our show was given the chance to offer a dedication at the end of their episode to a family member or someone important to them living or deceased!