Other Who is base one?

Who is base one?

Who is base one?

Base One (rapper)

Isaac Sotunde
Also known as Base One
Born 24 March 1992
Genres Rap/Hip Hop

Is krs1 alive?

Parker and rap legend KRS-One, was found dead in his Atlanta apartment this past weekend. The Fulton County Atlanta Medical Center lists the cause of death as a suicide. He was 23.

Who is KRS-One married to?

Ms. Melodiem. 1987–1992
Simone Parker

Did KRS-One go to college?

William E Grady CTE High School

What was KRS-One nickname?

The Blastmaster
KRS-One, demonstrating his nickname “The Blastmaster”, gave a live performance against MC Shan, and many conceded he had won the battle.

What does krs1 stand for?

Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone
Lawrence “Kris” Parker (born August 20, 1965), better known by his stage names KRS-One (/ˌkeɪ ɑːr ɛs ˈwən/), an abbreviation of Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone, and Teacha, is an American rapper and occasional producer from Bronx, New York.

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