Other Who is Phelps wife?

Who is Phelps wife?

Who is Phelps wife?

Lori Purtle Phelps
David Phelps/Wife

David’s wife is Lori Purtle Phelps (also born on October 21, 1969). They have four children: Callie, Maggie Beth, David Grant and Coby. Callie, Maggie and Grant can be seen on the Gaither Homecoming videos Christmas in the Country and A Time for Joy.

Why did Phelps leave Gaither?

Vocalist David Phelps is leaving Gaither Vocal Band to pursue his own solo career. Since 2009, Phelps has been singing tenor for the famed Southern Gospel group. Gaither Music will release Phelps’s newest recording, Hymnal, on March 22.

What does Michael Phelps do for a living?

Michael Phelps/Professions

What happened to David Phelps sister?

David Phelps sister died this morning. She had breast cancer. She had been in hospice.

Who did Guy Penrod marry?

Angie Clark
Guy Penrod/Spouse
Personal life. Penrod and his wife, Angie (Clark), have eight children—seven boys and a girl. All of their children are home schooled.

Where was Fred Waldron Phelps born and raised?

Fred Waldron Phelps Sr. was born on November 13, 1929, in Meridian, Mississippi, the elder of two children of Catherine Idalette (née Johnston) and Fred Wade Phelps. His father was a railroad policeman for the Columbus and Greenville Railway and a devout Methodist; his mother was a homemaker.

Where did Phlash Phelps get his name from?

By the 2010s his on-air manner was considerably calmer than in the past, although he occasionally featured one of his fast-talking bits. There is also a thoroughbred racehorse called Phlash Phelps, named following an on-air suggestion by Phelps that he would like a horse named after him just like his colleague Cousin Brucie had.

How old was Michael Phelps when he qualified for the Olympics?

Phelps’ rapid improvement culminated when he qualified for the 2000 Summer Olympics at the age of 15, as became the youngest male (since Ralph Flanagan in 1932) to make a U.S. Olympic swim team in 68 years.

Where did Digger Phelps get his name from?

He got the nickname “Digger” from his father, who was a mortician in Beacon, New York. Phelps was born in Beacon, New York. His family ran a funeral home business in the city.