Common questions Who is the CEO of Samyang plastics company?

Who is the CEO of Samyang plastics company?

Who is the CEO of Samyang plastics company?

On July 6, Samyang Corporation (CEO: Kang Ho-sung) announced that it successfully developed isosorbide-based biodegradable plastics while remedying the shortcomings of oil-derived biodegradable plastics. Isosorbide is a biomaterial produced through chemical processing of starch extracted from plants such as corn.

What foods does Samyang Foods Co.Ltd make?

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What can Samyang biodegradable plastics be used for?

Samyang’s isosorbide-based biodegradable plastics are mainly used to produce disposable plastic bags, agricultural plastic mulch films (film used for covering soil to control weeds and moisture), fishing nets, etc.

Who is the only company in Korea that makes starch?

Samyang is Korea’s only company that runs both starch and chemical compound business. After two years of technology convergence research, they finally developed the optimal thermoplastic starch compounding technology.

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Where is the isosorbide plant in Samyang being built?

Samyang is building an isosorbide factory with an annual production capacity of approximately 10,000 tons at the Samyang Innochem Corporation Plant, with the goal of completing the construction in the second half of this year.