Blog Who is the owner of the website jbg2?

Who is the owner of the website jbg2?

Who is the owner of the website jbg2?

JBG-2, as the owner of the website, is obliged to inform the users about the afore-mentioned files, which the internet service places in the user’s computer and for what purpose it does so. 2. Personal data 2.1. What are personal data and what does the processing mean?

When does this privacy policy apply to jbg-2?

JBG-2 processes personal data for different purposes but depending on the purpose, various ways of collection, legal basis for processing, use, disclosure and retention periods may apply. 2.2. When does this Privacy Policy apply? This Privacy Policy applies to all cases in which JBG-2 is a Data Controller and processes personal data.

When does jbg-2 become a reliable company?

JBG-2, as a reliable company, also implements the requirements set forth in the Telecommunications Law Act, i.e. of 15 September 2017 (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1907, as amended) in connection with the use of cookies.

Who is the jbg-2 personal data Inspector?

JBG-2 has designated within its structures a contact person for issues related to personal data – Inspector for the Protection of Personal Data [email protected]. In case of any questions or doubts related to the processing of personal data by JBG-2, please contact us at the above-mentioned e-mail address.

Which is the most important aspect of jbg-2?

1. Introduction Personal data protection is treated as one of the most important aspects within „JBG-2” Sp. z o.o. activity (hereinafter referred to as: „JBG-2”), as well as in the entire JBG corporate group of companies, of which JBG-2 is a part.

How does jbg-2 fulfil its duty under the GDPR?

This applies to both cases in which JBG-2 processes personal data collected directly from the Data Subject, as well as cases where we have collected personal data from other sources. JBG-2 fulfils its information duties in both cases above-mentioned, i.e. in accordance with Articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR.