Other Who manufactures Pmag?

Who manufactures Pmag?

Who manufactures Pmag?

Magpul PMAGs – Everything You Wanted To Know. Magpul Industries Corp makes two different 30 round AR magazines that do almost exactly the same thing.

Where can I buy magpul online?

Shop for Magpul online at

Where are magpul products made?

The company also recently started selling soft goods like hats, belts, shirts and gloves. The operations, shipping and manufacturing portion of Magpul is based in Cheyenne, while its headquarters is located in Austin, Texas.

Is magpul high quality?

Magpul AR-15 magazines are built from high-quality, impact-resistant polymer. In other words, these PMAGs are made to be abused.

Is magpul made in China?

The difference between Magpul USA and PTS is the PTS line is made in China or Hong Kong or basically not in America. Real PTS is made with a Dupont polymer that is very strong, good quality while the Magpul USA is made with something proprietary, a little better, that only they use.

Who owns magpul stock?

Richard M. Fitzpatrick
Magpul Industries

Type Private
Key people Richard M. Fitzpatrick Mike Mayberry Doug Smith
Products Accessories
Services Training
Owner Richard M. Fitzpatrick

Which is better Hexmag or Pmag?

While the Hexmag has some unique features, the Pmag has more real-world data confirming its reliability. It also offers a slightly better grip design, stiffer spring, and options for more weapons systems. Pmag remains the king of polymer magazines, at least for now.

How good are Hexmags?

I found Hexmag’s 30 rounder to be reliable and durable. Whether shooting 300 BLK or 223/5.56, this mag didn’t miss a beat. A quick google search shows these selling for $7.99. At a price competitive with the big name bullet box makers on the market, I’d say it’s worth giving Hexmags a shot, pun very much intended.

What does Pmag stand for rifle?

Provisional Military Advisory Group, original name of the Korean Military Advisory Group. A line of polymer rifle magazines manufactured by Magpul Industries.

How can I contact Magpul for customer support?

Our customer support is friendly and hassle-free. Feel free to choose what works best for you- contact us by phone or submit your inquiry here via our online web form. If you’re looking for parts for Magpul products, we have a selection of tools and spare parts kits that may help.

Where can I get parts for my Magpul?

If you’re looking for parts for Magpul products, we have a selection of tools and spare parts kits that may help. Details regarding Payment and Shipping information as well as Returns and Exchanges may be found on our Shipping & Returns page. Do you want to Report a Counterfeit product?

Which is the best Magpul magazine for AR-15?

Magpul PMAG Durable and reliable easily describe the Magpul PMAG. PMAGs have remained a solid magazine choice for AR-15 owners since 2007. Over the years, the PMAGs have improved with a constant dose of superior design and material selection to ensure the user gets the advantage they are looking for.

What are the colors of the Magpul line?

Our Magpul line is offered in a range of tactical color options including OD Green, Black, and Flat Dark Earth. If you can add your items to your cart be assured that your items are in stock. Arizona Armament will only back order at the customers consent.