Helpful tips Who said Id buy that for a dollar?

Who said Id buy that for a dollar?

Who said Id buy that for a dollar?

Bixby Snyder
I’d buy that for a dollar! Bixby Snyder was the host of the television comedy show It’s Not My Problem!. Snyder’s catchphrase from the show was widely quoted by the denizens of Detroit.

What means I buy that for a dollar?

While “I buy that” literally means “I believe that”, adding “for a dollar” suggests that the belief is not worth much.

Who played Bixby Snyder?

S.D. NemethRoboCop
Bixby Snyder/Played by

How many RoboCop are there?

Robocop (1987)1987
Robocop 21990Robocop 31993

What kind of car is the 6000 SUX?

Oldsmobile Cutlass
The 6000 SUX appeared in the first film only, and it was never made clear (for obvious legal reasons) which Detroit automaker was responsible for this fictional monstrosity. The car itself was a heavily modified Oldsmobile Cutlass from 1976. The 1994 TV series had cameos from a number of goofy vehicles.

Will buy it means?

“will buy” implies a future purchase, one that you’ve decided on, but you’re not at the car lot with your checkbook yet.

Who played the old Robocop?

Peter Frederick Weller

Peter Weller
Born Peter Frederick Weller June 24, 1947 Stevens Point, Wisconsin, U.S.
Education Alamo Heights High School
Alma mater University of North Texas (BA) Syracuse University (MA) University of California, Los Angeles (Ph.D.)
Occupation Actor television director art historian

Which RoboCop is the best?

Every RoboCop Movie, Ranked Worst to Best

  • RoboCop 3 (1993) In 1993, three years after the release of RoboCop 2, Orion Pictures set out to make another entry in what by then was seen as a franchise with a solid foundation.
  • RoboCop (2014)
  • RoboCop 2 (1990)
  • RoboCop (1987)

What was the 6000 SUX in RoboCop?

The 6000 SUX was a large 4-door, executive type car with reclining leather seats, cruise control, and a Blaupunkt radio. It additionally had a fast speed and the mileage of 8.2 miles per gallon. The 6000 SUX was one of the demands of former city council worker Ron Miller if he was to release his captives.

What does I’d buy that for a dollar mean?

Top definition. i’d buy that for a dollar. Something that is really amazing and fantastic whether it be a person,place,thing or idea. Originates From: A running joke within RoboCop is an inane TV show with the catchphrase “I’d buy that for a dollar!”, which people in the film’s future universe find humorous.

Who was person who said I’d buy that for a dollar?

However neither the name of the show nor the character are ever revealed in the movie. A person was watching the super bowl half time show, and Janet Jackson breasts got exposed. The person says: Man, I’d buy that for a dollar! Get the i’d buy that for a dollar neck gaiter and mug.

What are the best quotes from the movie RoboCop?

Richard Dick Jones: Anyone tries to stop me, the old geezer gets it! The Old Man: Dick, YOU’RE FIRED! Alex J. Murphy/Robocop: Thank you. Alex J. Murphy/Robocop: Come quietly or there will be… trouble. Clarence J. Boddicker: Your company built the fucking thing, now I’m going to have to deal with it? I don’t have time for this bullshit!