Other Who was at Ozzfest 1999?

Who was at Ozzfest 1999?

Who was at Ozzfest 1999?

OZZFEST 1999 – GIGART. This poster was created for Ozzy Osbourne’s Ozzfest 1999. The festival featured these bands: Black Sabbath, Rob Zombie, Slayer, Deftones, Primus, Godsmack, System Of A Down, Drain, Fear Factory, (Hed)pe Static X, Pushmonkey, Slipknot, Puya, Flashpoint, and Appartment 26.

Who played Ozzfest 2000?

Ozzfest 2000 (Ozzy, Pantera, Godsmack, Static-X) Disturbed made their festival debut only a few months after releasing The Sickness, while Godsmack returned for their second consecutive year.

What years were Ozzfest?

Dates July–August November
Location(s) United States Europe Japan
Years active 1996–2008 2010 2013 2015–2018

What year did Black Sabbath play Ozzfest?

Black Sabbath At Ozzfest 1999.

Where is Ozzfest 2021?

The return of Ozzfest Meets Knotfest is all set to once again melt faces November 4th and 5th in San Bernadino, California.

When was Ozzfest started?

October 25, 1996
Ozzfest/First event date

Will there be an Ozzfest 2021?

Ozzfest Meets Knotfest Tickets, Events & Festivals in 2021/2022. Two of the most well-known festivals in rock, Ozzfest and Knotfest, will merge to form a new huge double-header weekend in September.

Will Ozzfest ever happen again?

As reported by, Sharon Osbourne confirmed the Ozzfest “will still go on” at a press conference for Ozzy’s forthcoming farewell tour. (The “No More Tours 2” designation is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that the musician has announced a “final” tour before.)

Did Metallica play Ozzfest?

The last time Metallica played Dallas was on November 17, 2004 at the American Airlines Center. This was the first Ozzfest that Metallica has taken part of. As you all know, Ozzy gave Metallica their first big break by having them as the opening act on his tour for The Ultimate Sin in 1986.