Blog Who were the original MTV DJS?

Who were the original MTV DJS?

Who were the original MTV DJS?

The original VJs look back, 40 years later: ‘The first 24 hours of MTV were held together by duct tape’ At midnight on Aug. 1, 1981, Martha Quinn, Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter, and J.J. Jackson stood inside the Loft restaurant in Fort Lee, N.J., to watch music history being made.

Is JJ Jackson still alive?

Deceased (1941–2004)
J.J. Jackson/Living or Deceased

Who hosted MTV News in the 90s?

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery first became known simply by her middle name as host of 120 Minutes and Hangin’ With MTV in the mid-’90s and was ubiquitous on the network throughout the decade.

Can you name the 5 original MTV VJs?

The original five VJs were Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, JJ Jackson, Martha Quinn, and Alan Hunter.

What is Nina Blackwood salary?

Nina Blackwood net worth: Nina Blackwood is an American disc jockey and music journalist who has a net worth of $500 thousand. Nina Blackwood was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in September 1955. She is known for being one of the original five MTV VJs. In 1978 Blackwood appeared nude in Playboy.

Who did Martha Quinn marry?

Jordan Tarlowm. 1993
Martha Quinn/Spouse

Who are the original veejays of MTV at 30?

These days, Quinn, 52, hosts ’80s music programs on SiriusXM radio along with many of her former 14204221 quicklist: 2title: Alan Huntertext: Hunter was an actor before he landed at MTV, but he dabbled in music videos too. He appeared in the video for David Bowie’s “Fashion” two months before getting hired by the network.

Who is the editorial director of MTV News?

In November 2015, MTV introduced a new direction for its news department and hired Dan Fierman, former editorial director of Grantland, as MTV’s editorial director and announced it would produce longform journalism, think pieces and diversify its staff.

Why was Sway Calloway on the wake up show?

Television. Because MTV’s studios are based in New York City, King Tech and The Wake Up Show went along with Sway in his move. Sway’s prominence on MTV made the radio show even more popular than it was before. This inevitably led to a TV version of the show on MTV running briefly in January 2004.

Who was the first MTV News VJ?

Serena Altschul earned a spot on the MTV VJs favorites list for the riveting interviews and reporting she brought to the network. In 1987, she was the first host, alongside Kurt Loder, of “MTV News,” which was then focused on breaking news related to the music industry.