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Who won the battle of Ypres in 1914?

Who won the battle of Ypres in 1914?

First Battle of Ypres
Date 19 October – 22 November 1914 Location Ypres, Belgium50.8641°N 2.8956°E Result Indecisive
France Belgium United Kingdom German Empire
Commanders and leaders

Why did Germany invade Belgium in 1914?

Well, the answer is simple: Germany’s Schliefen Plan. To avoid the French fortifications along the French-German border, the troops had to cross Belgium and attack the French Army by the north. Of course, Belgians refused to let them through, so the Germans decided to enter by force and invaded Belgium on Aug. 4, 1914.

How many died in Ypres?

The French lost at least 50,000 at Ypres, while the Belgians suffered more than 20,000 casualties at the Yser and Ypres. A month of fighting at Ypres cost the Germans more than 130,000 casualties, a staggering total that would ultimately pale before later actions on the Western Front.

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