Popular articles Who would win Darth Vader or Dr Doom?

Who would win Darth Vader or Dr Doom?

Who would win Darth Vader or Dr Doom?

Boomstick: Vader may be the chosen one, but Doom’s experience and mastery of magic and science trumped the Sith Lord. Plus, while Vader has proven his strategic prowess over two decades of experience leading an army, Doom has successfully lead a country, and then a whole planet.

Is Darth Vader a rip off of Doctor Doom?

Sadly, we lost the legend in 1994, but his legacy and influence have lived on and continue to inspire creators across many forms to this day. In fact, one of the greatest villains in the history of cinema, Darth Vader, may have been heavily influenced by one of Jack Kirby’s creations, Doctor Doom.

Can Magneto beat Darth Vader?

Darth Vader is one of the fiercest warriors in the galaxy as well as being a powerful Sith Lord. But even with all the power at his disposal, he would not be able to defeat Magneto. The Master of Magnetism would be able to crush his lightsaber, his armor, and his TIE Advanced with nothing but a gesture.

Is Dr Doom the most powerful?

For those who’re unaware, Doctor Doom is one of the most powerful magical beings in the Marvel Universe, with his magical ability being largely self-taught.

Who came first Doctor Doom or Darth Vader?

And, in case you’re wondering, Dr. Doom came first—by about 15 years, give or take a micro-minute or two. It’s fun to see that even Doom’s creators recognized the resemblance, and especially that they were so concerned about people thinking that they’d taken inspiration for Doom despite him preceding Vader.

Is Darth Vader a supervillain?

Darth Vader was also the #1 supervillain on the Bravo series Ultimate Super Heroes, Vixens and Villains. Darth Vader was also ranked as #1 in IGN’s list of top 100 Star Wars characters.

Can Magneto beat Superman?

2 Could Defeat Him: Superman He’s known all over the universe as one of the greatest heroes ever. Even if he did, Superman can move at the speed of light. Before he would fall unconscious, he could hit Magneto’s force field at the speed of light, multiple times with super strength.