Other Why do castells happen?

Why do castells happen?

Why do castells happen?

A castell (Catalan pronunciation: [kəsˈteʎ]) is a human tower built traditionally at festivals in Catalonia, the Balearic islands and the Valencian Community. At these festivals, several colles castelleres (teams that build towers) attempt to build and dismantle a tower’s structure.

What does castell mean in Spanish?

Catalan: topographic name from Catalan castell ‘castle’, a derivative of Late Latin castellum ‘castle’ (a diminutive of Latin castrum ‘fort’, ‘Roman walled city’). Compare Spanish Castillo and Occitan (southern French) Castel.

What is Los castells festival?

“Castells” (human towers) It is considered built when a young child climbs to the top and raises their hand. Hopefully, they won’t all topple down after, but if they do, the young children are wearing helmets for protection. Dates: 16th May, 23rd May, 13th June, 20th June, 27th June, 29th August.

Are castells safe?

About the first question, there is a huge concern about safety and health within the casteller environment. Castells are an amateur activity and an injury can inflict in the personal or professional life of the castellers. Although, Castells are relatively safe.

How does the casteller end?

The tower is crowned and the goal is almost reached. The castell now has to be de-constructed without falling apart, a procedure as tricky and trained as the build-up. Nowadays, children often wear a foam-padded helmet. There are some special variants, in which the trunk is built in the opposite order.

Why do they build human towers in Spain?

Observers say the practice is symbolic of togetherness, the elimination of class differences, and Catalonia’s welcoming atmosphere, Xicola says. “You can step on your boss in a human tower, you cannot do it outside this.” “It’s a very important cultural heritage in our country,” she says.

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How many people are required to build the tallest castells?

To win the event, teams called colles must assemble to build the tallest most complex castells possible. The towers can involve as many as 400 people and reach dizzying heights. The world record for tallest tower belongs to the team Minyons de Terrassa, which stacked competitors 10 levels high during 2015’s event.

What is the highest Castell?

A castell is considered successful when it is loaded and unloaded without falling apart. The highest castell in history was a 10-floor structure with three people in each floor. Members of Vella de Xiquets de Valls try to complete their human tower during the Human Tower Competition in Tarragona, Spain.

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