Helpful tips Is Future Trunks stronger than Gohan?

Is Future Trunks stronger than Gohan?

Is Future Trunks stronger than Gohan?

Trunks is still one of the most formidable Z Fighters in the franchise, reaching Super Saiyan 2 by his return in Dragon Ball Super and achieving a maddened Super Saiyan form in his duel against merged Zamasu, but Gohan remains significantly stronger.

Can Gohan and Trunks fuse?

Future Gohanks (ゴハンクス:未来, Gohankusu: Mirai), known as Gohanks: Future in-game in Dragon Ball Fusions, is the result of Future Gohan and Future Trunks successfully using the Fusion Dance.

Can Trunks do Kamehameha?

Despite Vegeta not being able to utilize the Kamehameha, Trunks (excluding his future counterpart) has demonstrated full mastery over the technique. This most likely comes from his close friendship with Goten, who probably taught him the move one day when the two were sparring.

DID Trunks surpass Gohan?

And Gohan surpasses Trunks even more when he’s 10 and Trunks is chronologically 19 or more (2 years in the time chamber). Later, Gohan doesn’t train and Goku surpasses him, but then again when his hidden power is released he becomes the strongest character for a while again.

Does Bulma like Gohan?

Future Bulma’s personality is basically the same as in the original series, but she seems to have strong feelings for Gohan and they were able to find comfort, trust, closeness, chemistry, and respect when they were with each other as two consenting adults (Kaiserneko then reveals that she had a son with him in an …

How did Future Gohan lose his arm?

Gohan loses the use of his arm in his final battle with Cell when he tried to save Vegeta from a blast intended to kill him and Future Gohan loses his arm completely after protecting Trunks from the androids.

Why Gohan is weak in super?

The amount of time that’s passed in Dragon Ball Super is apparently open to interpretation. In BoG, Gohan was probably still the strongest or at least on the same level as Goku before he goes SSJG, hence the reason why they made it a point to have him step in as if he was the only one who could stop Beerus.