Other What episode does Finn Sharkey come into Waterloo Road?

What episode does Finn Sharkey come into Waterloo Road?

What episode does Finn Sharkey come into Waterloo Road?

Episode 11
Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Finn Sharkey
Portrayed by Jack McMullen
First Appearance Series 5 Episode 11
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 30
Cause/Reason Finished school and moved to Canada with Trudi Siddiqui

Who played Finn Sharkey dad in Waterloo Road?

Jack McMullen

Jack McMullen
McMullen in September 2012
Born 22 February 1991 Liverpool, England
Occupation Actor writer
Years active 2001–present

Does Finn get stabbed in Waterloo Road?

In episode 21, Tariq’s former cell mate Mason Price joins Waterloo Road. Kyle reveals that he has been with the gang all summer and both him and Mason are members of the DSC. Tariq and Finn get in to a fist-fight which ends with Mason taking out the knife and telling Tariq to stab Finn.

What happened to Holly Kenny?

Sambuca Kelly – Holly Kenny The feisty teenager met a tragic end in series seven after being diagnosed with a brain tumour – and died in the arms of her mum and Tom while boyfriend Finn held the ring she gave him.

Are Tariq and Trudi Siddiqui twins?

In Series 7 Trudi finds out she is pregnant with Finn’s baby….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Trudi Siddiqui
Mother Samia Siddqui (Deceased)
Father Mr Siddiqui
Brothers Tariq Siddiqui
Sisters Naseem Siddiqui

How is Finn Sharkey portrayed in Waterloo Road?

Introduced in Series 5, he is portrayed as the bad boy with a troubled past, being excluded from his previous schools and having a history with Chris Mead, who’s car he set on fire. Finn’s parents are often absent, leading him to live alone most of the time.

Who are the best friends in Waterloo Road?

Finn and Josh are best friends and have been since they first met in Waterloo Road. Their friendship has had many ups and downs, one of the most infamous being when Josh tried to kiss Finn in the boys’ locker room, leading to Josh coming out as gay.

Why did Amy and Finn split up in Waterloo Road?

Amy and Finn became close, and Finn led Amy into a lot of trouble. They were split up by their parents and the teachers, but this led to a suicide pact and an attempted suicide which was stopped by Christopher Mead. In Series 6, the school brought in a mentor system for the younger boys.

Who was Finn’s ex girlfriend in Waterloo Road?

The two left on good terms. Trudi is noticed almost instantly on her first day at Waterloo Road by Finn, but was not so accepted by his friends, particularly Lauren Andrews, who were still grieving the death of Sambuca Kelly, Finn’s ex-girlfriend.