Other What is Ippudo English?

What is Ippudo English?

What is Ippudo English?

“Ippudo” in direct translation means “one wind hall”. This is because at the time, there were dark clouds over the Kyushu ramen industry, and the founder and CEO intended to “blow wind and revolutionise the era”. The first restaurant opened in 1985, in the Daimyo District of Chuo Ward, in Fukuoka City.

When did Ippudo NYC Open?

New York’s ramen game changed forever when Ippudo opened its first restaurant outside of Japan and landed in the East Village in 2008. While a number of well-liked ramenyas existed in the city, none had the same fanfare or level of culinary exactness—think house-made noodles and broths bubbling for nearly 24 hours.

What should I order at Ippudo ramen?

Ippudo in Manila: 7 things to try

  • Akamaru Shinaji (starts at P390 or $8.94)
  • Shiromaru Motoaji (starts at P375 or $ 8.60)
  • Ippudo Pork Buns (P100 or $2.29)
  • Ippudo Hakata-style gyoza (P195 for 5 pieces or $4.47)
  • Dashimaki Tamago with Mentaiko Mayo (P150 or $3.44)
  • Goma Q (P140 or $3.21)

Does Ippudo take reservations?

・We do not accept reservations.

Does Ippudo make their own noodles?

People wait hours to eat at this NYC ramen shop, which makes its own noodles. Thanks to its handmade noodles and traditional toppings, Ippudo serves some of the best ramen in New York City.

Is Ippudo a franchise?

The concept was a hit and Ippudo quickly grew its franchise. It landed in the Kanto region in 1994 with the opening of an outlet in the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, followed by its first Tokyo shop in the Ebisu district in 1995.

What kind of noodles does Ippudo use?

Our tonkotsu broth is smooth like silk and has a deep flavor. We use a special “ramen wheat” from the Fukuoka prefecture that creates our chewy noodles. Our noodles are chewy like mochi and yet are easy to cut and eat.

What is the best ramen at Ippudo?

Shiromaru Special (Php495). In this classic Hakata-style ramen, pork belly and pork loin are placed on top of ultra-thin noodles in Ippudo’s tonkotsu broth, garnished with salted soft-boiled egg and seaweed.

What is Negi in ramen?

Negi. Chopped or shredded leeks or green onions. Karanegi is a spicy variation of shredded leeks mixed with chili oil. Negi is a ramen standard, while karanegi is often seen with miso ramen.

How expensive is ippudo?

Their staff is humble and friendly, which will help you to order the best ramen with toppings. The atmosphere in their restaurant is full of calmness and solace. Ippudo has an affordable range of Japanese food, which comes under $20.00….Appetizers.

Ippudo Pork Bun $4.90
Karaage Rice $11.90
Ippudo Shrimp Bun $4.90

Is ippudo a franchise?

What is akamaru in ramen?

Akamaru (赤丸, Akamaru?) is a ramen dish featured in the Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san series. It references a dish made by Hakata Ippudo, a Japanese ramen chain. The pork broth in the soup is mixed with spicy miso flavoring, and is served with mushrooms and scallions as toppings.

Where to get take out at Ippudo Westside?

Our Westside location now offering Take-Out for order ahead pickup! Visit to place your order today! The only Ramen restaurant that makes everything on site, including noodles, soup, and toppings all from scratch. Being from Fukuoka in southern Japan, our specialty is the Tonkotsu pork soup based Ramen!…

Which is better Ippudo Westside or cooked ramen?

Uncooked is the way to go if you have the time and follow directions per any big time ramen channel on YouTube. But cooked comes as very good as well. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can’t pay to alter or remove their reviews. Learn more. Start your review of Ippudo Westside.

What kind of fries are at Ippudo Westside?

The crunchy and well marinated eggplant adds a nice texture and taste as well. We also usually get the Ippudo Fries (French Fries Tossed in Ippudo’s Original Spicy Seasoning Salt) ($8). We absolutely love the seasoning and it’s what makes the fries so flavorful and delicious.

Where can I buy Ippudo Karaka Ramen?

Visit for more information and ordering. Nationwide shipping. Limited quantities per order. IPPUDO & Sun Noodle teaming up to bring you our Tonkotsu & Spicy Karaka Ramen right to your doorstep! Visit for more information and ordering.