Blog What is RES real estate?

What is RES real estate?

What is RES real estate?

Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Course (or commonly known as “Property Agent Course”) is a mandatory preparatory programme for aspiring Real Estate Salespersons to undergo before taking the industry RES Examinations.

What is RES exam?

The RES examination is the entry level examination for new entrants who wish to practise as salespersons in the real estate agency industry. One of the criteria for salespersons’ registration is the requirement to pass the mandatory industry examination.

How long is res course?

Generally, courses range between 2 weeks to 19 weeks and run weekdays or weekends at a spaced out pace or an express pace. Remember though that, CEA requires that you attend at least 75% of classes to qualify for the RES Exams.

How can I take Res exam?

1. Candidates will need to attend and complete the REA Course conducted by a CEA Approved Course Provider (ACP) before applying for the REA examination. They will be issued with the Certificate of REA Course Completion after they have completed the REA course, subject to a minimum attendance rate of 75%.

How often is res exam?

once every 4 months
RES Examination will be held once every 4 months on the 2nd or 3rd weekend (Sat – Paper 1 & Sun – Paper 2) of the month. Exam fees is $417.30 per candidate and $235.40 for each retake Examiniation Paper.

How can I prepare for RES exam?

5 Tips To Pass The RES Exams on Your 1st Attempt (Revision Tips)

  1. Attend All Lessons and Focus On Your Study Materials.
  2. Contact Your Friends Who Are in The Real Estate Industry.
  3. Get Sufficient Rest Before Your Papers.
  4. Read Every Single Detail Given.
  5. Check Your Answers Carefully and Thoroughly.

What happens after passing res?

Once you have passed the RES exam, you must join an agency with 24 months. Being a property agent allows you to be more flexible with your time and there are many people who do estate agency work on a part-time basis as it suits their lifestyle.

How can I pass the RES Paper 1 exam?

What can I do with Res course syllabus?

RES course syllabus is prepared in the context of laws, rules and regulations in Singapore governing real estate agency work and shall focus on sale and lease transactions involving HDB flats and private residential, commercial and industrial properties located in Singapore.

Which is not tested in the res exam?

According to CEA, the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act and Regulations 2020 will be tested in the RES examinations as the legislation and its implications are covered in Papers 1 and 2 of the examination syllabus. New regulations, policies and guidelines announced or implemented within one month before the date of examination will not be tested.

Where can I take revision class for RES exam?

Prior to each exam, we will conduct a series of RES exam revision classes at our training facility in Toa Payoh HDB Hub. In view of the COVID-19 situation, the classes will now be conducted online via Zoom. The virtual classroom shall be open from 7pm and revision class shall commence from 730pm to 930pm a short break in-between.

How much does it cost to take res course?

Read more RES course details, why us? (18 good reasons) and our testimonials (more than 170) Fee include videos, e-notes, revision summary and online assessment account. Preview Video and online assessment. Skillsfuture (up to full course fee) and UTAP (up to $250 or $500) claimable!